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The Library
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—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Facebook Mini Games
Total Objects 20
Objects per play 6

Objects To Find

A player will need to find 6 objects in the quickest way possible, the 6 objects are chosen at random each time a player plays. There are a total of 20 objects in this location.

H Bell H Candlestick H Cat H Crystalball
HO Bell-icon HO Candlestick-icon HO Cat-icon HO Crystalball-icon
H Dagger H Eyeglasses H Goblet H Goldbook
HO Dagger-icon HO Eyeglasses-icon HO Goblet-icon HO Goldbook-icon
H Horse H Lightningbolt H Lion H Lockedbox
HO Horse-icon HO Lightningbolt-icon HO Lion-icon HO Lockedbox-icon
H Magnifyingglass H Openbook H Painting H Patch
HO Magnifyingglass-icon HO Openbook-icon HO Painting-icon HO Patch-icon
H Scroll H Snowglobe H Telegram H Trophy
HO Scroll-icon HO Snowglobe-icon HO Telegram-icon HO Trophy-icon

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