The Super Clue is something that appears on several Scenes and gives you bonus points for solving it. It wants you to perform a particular action like "lighting a candle" or "painting a ball". For every single action you get 32,000 Bonus Points.

Known Super Clues

Name Actions Scene
Light The Candle 2-3 Paris Bistro
Level Scale 2 Thief's Lair
Wine For Two 2 Cremona Workshop
Finish Painting Star 2 Manhattan Alley
Polish Dress Shoes? 3? Venice Canals
Nesting Eggs 3 Mayan Temple
Bottle & Cork a Ship 3 Underwater Wreckage
Repair Jacket Seamstress' Chamber
Fire Cannon Russian Front
Finish Stone Wall 2 Peasant Barn
Assemble Headress 4 Costume Shop
Fix Rocking Horse Tsarina's Room
Mail Letter Checkpoint
Make Coffee Business Office
Frame Painting Still Life
Open Window 2 Panhandle Creek
Reveal Statue Professor's Den
Load Camera Skyrise Penthouse
Fix Heart's Wreath 3 Greek Agora
Light Lantern 2 Fiorelli Dig
Remove Leaf in Pool Swimming Pool
Repair the Xylophone 3 Orchestra Room
Repair Wine Glass 2 Voodoo Shop
Polish Teapot 3 Buckingham Palace
Paint Ball Central Park
Make Popcorn Conquistador Camp
Half Dozen Roses 4 Art Studio
Put out Fire 3 Kids' Tea Party
Play Cello 2 Ocean Liner
Fill the Chandelier 2 Kipling's Study
Use Gramophone 2 Pawn Shop

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