St. Patrick's Day Event
Event St. Patrick's Day Event-icon
—Image © Zynga
Special Event Releases
Artifact Ancient Harp
Scenes 3
Items 13
Character(s) Molly
Level 5
Event Questline
Questl. 1 The Lost Harp Questline
Time Specification
Starts on 10-Mar-2012
Ends on 21-Mar-2012
Previous Next
Silver Teapot Event Spring 2012 Event

The St. Patrick's Day Event is an irish-themed Event on Hidden Chronicles. During the event, some new Items, Scenes, Quests and Characters were released.

New Scenes

New Character

We get to know Molly

New Quests

There is a total of 12 new Quests available with the The Lost Harp Questline.

New Items

During the Event 13 new Items where released. 12 of them could be bought in the Marketplace and 1was a reward for completing the whole questline.

Celtic Tile
Marketplace Celtic Tile-icon
Shamrock Light
Marketplace Shamrock Light-icon
Clover Topiary
Marketplace Clover Topiary-icon
Marketplace Maypole-icon
Shamrock Balloons
Marketplace Shamrock Balloons-icon
Pot o' Gold
Marketplace Pot o' Gold-icon
Topiary Top Hat
Marketplace Topiary Top Hat-icon
Lucky Pond
Marketplace Lucky Pond-icon
Irish Flag
Marketplace Irish Flag-icon
Irish Patio Bar
Marketplace Irish Patio Bar-icon
Kelley's Pub
Marketplace Kelley's Pub-icon
O'Carolan Brews
Marketplace O'Carolan Brews-icon
Lucky Rainbow
Marketplace Lucky Rainbow-icon


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