Secret Agent
Collection Secret Agent-icon
—Image © Zynga
Level 5
Total Items 5
Cash alternative 60 EstateCash-icon
Rewards 2Guardian Seal-icon , 1160EstateCoins-icon , 1200EstatePoints-icon
Item Rewards Item Covered Wagon-icon Covered Wagon
Previous Next
Gone Fishing Precious Jewelry
Time specification
Start date 16-Jun-2012
End date TBA

The Secret Agent is a Collection in Hidden Chronicles. It needs a total of ? items to collect.

Items and Source

Icon Name Source Popularity Buy
HO Checkpoint Leather Gloves-icon Leather Gloves Checkpoint Common 6 Resources ECash-icon
HO BOffice Crumpled Paper-icon Crumpled Paper Business Office Common 6 Resources ECash-icon
HO MBazaar Safe-icon Safe Moroccan Bazaar Uncommon 12 Resources ECash-icon
HO BOffice Manila Folder-icon Manila Folder Business Office Uncommon 12 Resources ECash-icon
HO MBazaar Spyglass-icon Spyglass Moroccan Bazaar Rare 24 Resources ECash-icon


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" completed Secret Agent Collection in Hidden Chronicles!
"Player" found all the items from Secret Agent Collection and earned a special reward! Join them in Hidden Chronicles in this historic hunt for lost artifacts!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins

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