Secluded Pavilion
Upload Location Secluded Pavilion-icon
—Image © Zynga
Was this Pavilion a place where Geoffrey was looking for something hidden..or hiding something?
Vital statistics
Category Expansion
Type Secluded Building
Content Artifact
Total Scenes 3
Inhabitants none
Plot B2
Total Artifacts 1
Expansion(s) ?

The Secluded Pavilion is a building on your Estate you reach via land Expansions. It gives you 3 more Scenes. However, currently only one scene is unlocked, Zynga tells us they will be making Scenes 2&3 available soon.


Icon Scene Name Building Unlock
Scene Secluded Pavilion (Scene)-icon Secluded Pavilion (Scene) Secluded Pavilion
Coming Soon icon (Scene2) Secluded Pavilion Coming Soon
Coming Soon icon (Scene3) Secluded Pavilion Coming Soon


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