Reputation (icon)

Reputation points are earned as players visit their Neighbor, by hiding/finding Secret Packages, or by challenging them to see who can get the highest score in a game of FastFind. Earning these points can unlock new items in the Marketplace and even certain Scenes. Every player starts with 0 Reputation points and the Reputation Level 0


All players begin at Level 1 with 0 Reputation Points. After entering the game you have to complete a tutorial which can't be skipped. This tutorial forces you to do things that will lead you automatically to Level 2. Therefore no information is given about Level 1 in Hidden Chronicles.


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Social Levels

Limited Edition Items unlock at Level 5

Points Level Unlocked
5 Reputation-icon 2 Marketplace Eiffel Topiary-icon Marketplace Pink Flower Patch-icon
3 Marketplace Violin Topiary-icon Marketplace White Flower Patch-icon
4 Marketplace Red Flower Patch-icon Marketplace Short Square Hedge-icon
26 Reputation-icon 5 Marketplace Dragon Topiary-icon Marketplace Pink Rose Bush-icon Marketplace Short Curved Hedge-icon
36 Reputation-icon 6 Marketplace Cypress Tree-icon Marketplace White Rose Bush-icon
48 Reputation-icon 7 Marketplace Crocodile Topiary-icon Marketplace Red Rose Bush-icon
63 Reputation-icon 8 Marketplace Bush 2-icon Marketplace Tall Round Hedge-icon
81 Reputation-icon 9 Marketplace Beech Tree-icon Marketplace Tall Square Hedge-icon
103 Reputation-icon 10 Marketplace Tall Curved Hedge-icon
129 Reputation-icon 11 Marketplace Yellow Beech Tree-icon
173 Reputation-icon 12 Marketplace Red Fall Beech Tree-icon
222 Reputation-icon 13 Marketplace Maze Hedge-icon
277 Reputation-icon 14 Marketplace Yellow Beech Tree-icon Marketplace Egg Topiary-icon
337 Reputation-icon 15 Marketplace Bush 3-icon
403 Reputation-icon 16 Marketplace Blue Hydrangea-icon
498 Reputation-icon 17 Marketplace Holly Tree-icon
18 Marketplace Bamboo-icon
720 Reputation-icon 19 Marketplace Panda Topiary-icon
827 Reputation-icon 20 Marketplace Lavender Plant-icon
951 Reputation-icon 21 Marketplace Bush 4-icon
1,115 Reputation-icon 22 Marketplace Sunflower-icon
1,289 Reputation-icon 23 Marketplace Lilac Tree-icon
1,472 Reputation-icon 24 Marketplace Pawn Topiary-icon
1,664 Reputation-icon 25 Marketplace Column Topiary-icon
1,865 Reputation-icon 26 Marketplace Rook Topiary-icon
2,117 Reputation-icon 27 Marketplace Olive Tree-icon
2,380 Reputation-icon 28 Marketplace Knight Topiary-icon
2,654 Reputation-icon 29 Marketplace Grape Vine-icon
2939 Reputation-icon 30 Marketplace Queen Topiary-icon
3284 Reputation-icon 31
3642 Reputation-icon 32
4013 33
4397 Reputation-icon 34
5261 Reputation-icon 36
6.240 Reputation-icon 38
6.751 Reputation-icon 39
7.886 Reputation-icon 40 nothing :(

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