Regina's Diner (Scene)
Scene Regina's Diner (Scene)-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Episode
Type A Secret Past
Artifact Cameo Necklace
Total Objects ?
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source A Secret Past-Part Two 6 of 8
Limited Time
Start date 03/24/2012
End date TBA

Regina's Diner is one of the Scenes from the A Secret Past Episodes. It unlocks after finishing the A Secret Past-Part Two 6 of 8 quest. The game maybe needs to be refreshed or even the flash cache to be emptied to show up properly. It can be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Episodes tab.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

480.000 960.000 1.680.000


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" has unlocked the Regina's Diner scene!
"Player" is learning the final fate of Bessie Sue who's on the run in the 1930s! Play the A Secret Past quests in HIDDEN CHRONICLES and join in to solve the mystery!
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Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Regina's Diner-Screenshot Scene Regina's Diner-Map
view screenshot fullsize view object map fullsize

Objects To Find

Name Icon
HO RDiner Apple-icon
Bananas HO RDiner Bananas-icon
Bank Note HO RDiner Bank Note-icon
Book HO RDiner Book-icon
Bottle Opener
HO RDiner Bottle Opener-icon
HO RDiner Broomstick-icon
Butter HO RDiner Butter-icon
Calendar HO RDiner Calendar-icon
Camera HO RDiner Camera-icon
Cat HO RDiner Cat-icon
Certificate HO RDiner Certificate-icon
Cherries HO RDiner Cherries-icon
Cigarette Pack HO RDiner Cigarette Pack-icon
Coat Hook HO RDiner Coat Hook-icon
Cork HO RDiner Cork-icon
Corkscrew HO RDiner Corkscrew-icon
Crescent HO RDiner Crescent-icon
Danish Roll HO RDiner Danish Roll-icon
Decorative Key
HO RDiner Decorative Key-icon
Dog HO RDiner Dog-icon
Exit Sign HO RDiner Exit Sign-icon
Flour Canister HO RDiner Flour Canister-icon
Flower Vase HO RDiner Flower Vase-icon
Fountain Pen HO RDiner Fountain Pen-icon
HO RDiner Fork-icon
Hamburger HO RDiner Hamburger-icon
HO RDiner Heart-icon
French Fries HO RDiner French Fries-icon
Gold Coin
HO RDiner Gold Coin-icon
Hat HO RDiner Hat-icon
Knife HO RDiner Knife-icon
Lighter HO RDiner Lighter-icon
HO RDiner Lipstick-icon
Lost Key HO RDiner Lost Key-icon
Matchbook HO RDiner Matchbook-icon
Menu HO RDiner Menu-icon
HO RDiner Milk-icon
Mouse HO RDiner Mouse-icon
Movie Starlet HO RDiner Movie Starlet-icon
Nail Polish
HO RDiner Nail Polish-icon
Napkins HO RDiner Napkins-icon
Newspaper HO RDiner Newspaper-icon
Orange HO RDiner Orange-icon
Paper Bag HO RDiner Paper Bag-icon
HO RDiner Pencil-icon
Pie HO RDiner Pie-icon
Pie Server HO RDiner Pie Server-icon
HO RDiner Pitcher-icon
Policeman HO RDiner Policeman-icon
Poker Chip HO RDiner Poker Chip-icon
Purse HO RDiner Purse-icon
Rabbit HO RDiner Rabbit-icon
Raven HO RDiner Raven-icon
Record HO RDiner Record-icon
Rotary Fan HO RDiner Rotary Fan-icon
Salt And Pepper HO RDiner Salt And Pepper-icon
Sandwich HO RDiner Sandwich-icon
Satchel HO RDiner Satchel-icon
Set of Keys HO RDiner Set of Keys-icon
Spoon HO RDiner Spoon-icon
Spider HO RDiner Spider-icon
Star HO RDiner Star-icon
Sugar Cubes
HO RDiner Sugar Cubes-icon
Suitcase HO RDiner Suitcase-icon
Sun HO RDiner Sun-icon
Sundae HO RDiner Sundae-icon
Teddy Bear HO RDiner Teddy Bear-icon
Toast HO RDiner Toast-icon
HO RDiner Umbrella-icon
Watch HO RDiner Watch-icon
Yo-yo HO RDiner Yo-yo-icon
? HO RDiner 40-icon


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