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Quest items are items that the player gets for completing specific Quests.

List of Quest Items

Name Icon Earns Quest Source Category
Wishing Well Questitem Wishing Well-icon 250 Resources EPoints-icon The Scarlet Stones (Quest)
Classic Arbor Questitem Classic Arbor-icon 600 Resources EPoints-icon Thief's Lair (Quest)
Music Amphitheater Questitem Music Amphitheater-icon 1,400 Resources EPoints-icon Musical Detritus Building
Aquarium Questitem Aquarium-icon 2,200 Resources EPoints-icon Kitchen Kitsch Building
Vault Questitem Vault-icon 3,200 Resources EPoints-icon Building
Aviary Questitem Aviary-icon 4,400 Resources EPoints-icon Building
Turquoise Pagoda Questitem Turquoise Pagoda-icon 5,800 Resources EPoints-icon Say It With Flowers Building
Barn Questitem Barn-icon 7,400 Resources EPoints-icon Building
Acropolis Questitem Acropolis-icon 9,000 Resources EPoints-icon Building
Kipling's Tiger Questitem Kipling's Tiger-icon 350 Resources EPoints-icon Kipling's Tiger (Quest) Structure
Ray of Sunshine Questitem Ray of Sunshine-icon ? Resources EPoints-icon Mother's Memories Decoration
Greyhound Statue Marketplace Greyhound Statue-icon 32 Resources EPoints-icon Doggone Dog 5 Statue
Poodle Topiary Marketplace Poodle Topiary-icon 55 Resources EPoints-icon Doggone Dog 9 Topiary
Dog Bone Pool Questitem Dog Bone Pool-icon 350 Resources EPoints-icon Doggone Dog 12 Structure
Outdoor Fireplace Questitem Outdoor Fireplace-icon 450 Resources EPoints-icon A Clean Sweep Structure
Mosaic Pool Marketplace Mosaic Pool-icon 1,100 Resources EPoints-icon Bubble Safari 3 Structure
Roma Vardo Questitem Roma Vardo-icon 450 Resources EPoints-icon Ring of Truth-Part Two 11 Decoration

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