Pawn Shop
Scene Pawn Shop-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Episode
Type Kipling's Tiger (Quest)
Artifact Tiger Bookend
Level 5
Total Objects 74 & Super Clue
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source Kipling's Tiger 9
Limited Time
Start date 04/20/2012
End date TBA

Pawn Shop is a Scene in Hidden Chronicles. It was released as part of the Kipling's Tiger (Quest) Episodes.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

480,000 960,000 1,680,000 3,000,000 5,880,000


Share Pawn Shop-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" has unlocked the Dover Pawn Shop scene!
"Player" is tracking down the mystery of Rudyard Kipling's Tiger Bookend! Join them in Hidden Chronicles to discover the truth!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins

Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Pawn Shop-Screenshot Upload Map
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Objects To Find

Name Icon
Alarm Clock HO PawnS Alarm Clock-icon
Antique Lamp HO PawnS Antique Lamp-icon
Apple HO PawnS Apple-icon
Baseball Cards HO PawnS Baseball Cards-icon
Basketball HO PawnS Basketball-icon
Bean Bag HO PawnS Bean Bag-icon
Bell Bottoms HO PawnS Bell Bottoms-icon
Boxing Gloves HO PawnS Boxing Gloves-icon
Tennis Bracelet HO PawnS Bracelet-icon
Cactus HO PawnS Cactus-icon
Camera HO PawnS Camera-icon
Cocktail Shaker HO PawnS Cocktail Shaker-icon
Coffee Maker HO PawnS Coffee Maker-icon
Coin Collection HO PawnS Coin Collection-icon
Crystal Ball HO PawnS Crystal Ball-icon
Cup and Saucer HO PawnS Cup and Saucer-icon
Decanter HO PawnS Decanter-icon
Diamond Ring HO PawnS Diamond Ring-icon
Disco Ball HO PawnS Disco Ball-icon
Drum Set HO PawnS Drumset-icon
Egg Chair HO PawnS Egg Chair-icon
Eight Track Tapes HO PawnS Eight Track Tapes-icon
Electric Guitar HO PawnS Electric Guitar-icon
Encyclopedias HO PawnS Encyclopedias-icon
Fez HO PawnS Fez-icon
Fondue Pot HO PawnS Fondue Pot-icon
Football HO PawnS Football-icon
Goblet HO PawnS Goblet-icon
Gold Necklace HO PawnS Gold Necklace-icon
Golf Club
HO PawnS Golf Club-icon
Gumball Machine HO PawnS Gumball Machine-icon
Handprint HO PawnS Handprint-icon
Helmet HO PawnS Helmet-icon
High Heels HO PawnS High Heels-icon
Hookah HO PawnS Hookah-icon
ID Bracelet HO PawnS ID Bracelet-icon
Jet Pack HO PawnS Jet Pack-icon
Lava Lamp HO PawnS Lava Lamp-icon
Leather Gloves HO PawnS Leather Gloves-icon
Leather Jacket HO PawnS Leather Jacket-icon
Leather Purse HO PawnS Leather Purse-icon
License Plate HO PawnS License Plate-icon
Leisure Suit HO PawnS Leisure Suit-icon
Macrame Planter HO PawnS Macrame Planter-icon
Magazines HO PawnS Magazines-icon
Martini Glasses HO PawnS Martini Glasses-icon
Mocassins HO PawnS Mocassins-icon
Mood Ring HO PawnS Mood Ring-icon
Motorcycle HO PawnS Motorcycle-icon
Moustache HO PawnS Moustache-icon
Oil Painting HO PawnS Oil Painting-icon
Owl HO PawnS Owl-icon
Pocket Watch HO PawnS Pocket Watch-icon
Portable Record Player HO PawnS Portable Record Player-icon
Revolver HO PawnS Revolver-icon
Roller Skates HO PawnS Rollerskates-icon
Silver Teapot HO PawnS Silver Teapot-icon
Skateboard HO PawnS Skateboard-icon
Slot Cars HO PawnS Slot Cars-icon
Sports Jersey HO PawnS Sports Jersey-icon
Sunglasses HO PawnS Sunglasses-icon
Tape Recorder HO PawnS Tape Recorder-icon
Telephone HO PawnS Telephone-icon
Telescope HO PawnS Telescope-icon
Television HO PawnS Television-icon
Tiara HO PawnS Tiara-icon
Tie Dye HO PawnS Tie-Dye-icon
Trophy HO PawnS Trophy-icon
Vase HO PawnS Vase-icon
Wallet HO PawnS Wallet-icon
Wig HO PawnS Wig-icon
Drum Sticks HO PawnS Drum Sticks-icon
Gaming Console HO PawnS Gaming Console-icon
Bear Skin HO PawnS Bear Skin-icon

Super Clue

Scene Pawn Shop-Super Clue

Super Clue

The Super Clue in the Pawn Shop asks to Use Gramophone. In order to achieve this you need to locate the record place it on the platter of the gramophone, then find the wind handle and place it in the slot on the side of the gramophone. See picture for details.

Record Wind Handle Gramophone
HO PawnShop Record-icon HO PawnShop Wind Handle-icon HO PawnShop Gramophone-icon


Scene Unlocked Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop unlocked

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