On The Run
Scene On The Run-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Episode
Type A Secret Past
Artifact Cameo Necklace
Total Objects 70
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 9 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source A Secret Past-Part Two 3 of 8
Limited Time
Start date 03/24/2012
End date TBA

On The Run is one of the Scenes from the A Secret Past Episodes. It unlocks after finishing the A Secret Past-Part Two 3 of 8 quest. The game maybe needs to be refreshed or even the flash cache to be emptied to show up properly. It can be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Episodes tab.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

480.000 960.000 1.680.000


Share On The Run-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" has unlocked the On the Run scene!
What dark secret does this seedy motel in the 1930s play in the secret life of Molly's grandmother? Play the A Secret Past quests in HIDDEN CHRONICLES and join in to solve the mystery!
Share Bonus: Clue

Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene On The Run-Screenshot Scene On The Run-Map
view screenshot fullsize view object map fullsize

Objects To Find

Name Icon
Antenna HO OTRun Antenna-icon
Ash Tray HO OTRun Ash Tray-icon
Banana HO OTRun Banana-icon
Baseball Bat HO OTRun Baseball Bat-icon
Blue Lamp HO OTRun Blue Lamp-icon
Boots HO OTRun Boots-icon
Bouillon Cubes HO OTRun Bouillon Cubes -icon
Bread Slice HO OTRun Bread Slice-icon
Briefcase HO OTRun Briefcase-icon
Calendar HO OTRun Calendar-icon
Camera HO OTRun Camera-icon
Cards HO OTRun Cards-icon
Cat HO OTRun Cat-icon
Cigarettes HO OTRun Cigarettes-icon
Cigar HO OTRun Cigar-icon
Cockroach HO OTRun Cockroach-icon
Coin HO OTRun Coin-icon
Cracked Plate HO OTRun Cracked Plate-icon
Dice HO OTRun Dice-icon
Dirty Sock HO OTRun Dirty Sock -icon
Dog HO OTRun Dog-icon
Fan HO OTRun Fan-icon
Flashlight HO OTRun Flashlight-icon
Fork HO OTRun Fork-icon
Fountain Pen HO OTRun Fountain Pen-icon
Golf Club HO OTRun Golf Club-icon
Handprint HO OTRun Handprint-icon
Hat HO OTRun Hat-icon
Heart HO OTRun Heart-icon
Hooks HO OTRun Hooks-icon
Knife HO OTRun Knife-icon
Light Switch HO OTRun Light Switch-icon
Lime HO OTRun Lime-icon
Magazines HO OTRun Magazines-icon
Matchbox HO OTRun Matchbox-icon
Motel Sign HO OTRun Motel Sign-icon
Mouse HO OTRun Mouse-icon
Napkin HO OTRun Napkin-icon
Newspaper HO OTRun Newspaper-icon
Notepad HO OTRun Notepad-icon
Number Five HO OTRun Number Five-icon
Pear HO OTRun Pear-icon
Phone Book HO OTRun Phone Book-icon
Powder Compact HO OTRun Powder Compact-icon
Purse HO OTRun Purse-icon
Raven HO OTRun Raven-icon
Robe HO OTRun Robe-icon
Rope HO OTRun Rope-icon
Scissors HO OTRun Scissors-icon
Screwdrivers HO OTRun Screwdrivers-icon
Shot Glass HO OTRun Shot Glass-icon
Shovel HO OTRun Shovel-icon
Slippers HO OTRun Slippers-icon
Socket HO OTRun Socket-icon
Spider HO OTRun Spider-icon
Spoon HO OTRun Spoon-icon
Stamp HO OTRun Stamp-icon
Street Lamp HO OTRun Street Lamp-icon
Take-Out Box HO OTRun Take-Out Box-icon
Tape HO OTRun Tape-icon
Telephone HO OTRun Telephone-icon
Tie HO OTRun Tie-icon
Tin Cup HO OTRun Tin Cup-icon
Towel HO OTRun Towel-icon
Vase HO OTRun Vase-icon
Wallet HO OTRun Wallet-icon
Watch HO OTRun Watch-icon
Whiskey Bottle HO OTRun Whiskey Bottle-icon
Wine Bottle HO OTRun Wine Bottle-icon
Yo-Yo HO OTRun Yo-Yo-icon


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