Ocean Liner
Scene Ocean Liner-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Featured
Type Oliver's Teapot
Artifact Silver Teapot
Level 5
Total Objects 77 & Super Clue
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 9 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source To Tea or Not To Tea 3
Limited Time
Start date Feburary 2012
End date 03/12/2012

Ocean Liner is one of the Scenes you get as a reward after completing specific parts of the Oliver's Teapot questlines that were released with the Silver Teapot Event in Hidden Chronicles. After the player unlocked these they will still be available even if the Event ended. The Scenes can be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Featured tab.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

337.500 900.000 1.800.000 3.037.500


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—Image © Zynga
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Scene Ocean Liner-Screenshot

Objects Map


Objects To Find

Item Name Icon
Ace HO OceanL Ace-icon
Anchor HO OceanL Anchor-icon
Arrow HO OceanL Arrow-icon
Ashtray HO OceanL Ashtray-icon
Backgammon HO OceanL Backgammon-icon
Binoculars HO OceanL Binoculars-icon
Blanket HO OceanL Blanket-icon
Bolt HO OceanL Bolt-icon
Bowtie HO OceanL Bowtie-icon
Cameo HO OceanL Cameo-icon
Cane HO OceanL Cane-icon
Captain's Log HO OceanL Captain's Log-icon
Chain HO OceanL Chain-icon
Chalk HO OceanL Chalk-icon
Champagne HO OceanL Champane-icon
Cheese HO OceanL Cheese-icon
Cork HO OceanL Cork-icon
Crack HO OceanL Crack-icon
Doll HO OceanL Doll-icon
Emerald HO OceanL Emerald-icon
Eye HO OceanL Eye-icon
Fern HO OceanL Fern-icon
Fish HO OceanL Fish-icon
Flag HO OceanL Flag-icon
Flask HO OceanL Flask-icon
Flowers HO OceanL Flower-icon
Gold Leaf HO OceanL Gold Leaf-icon
Golf Club HO OceanL Golf Club-icon
Grapes HO OceanL Grape-icon
Handkerchief HO OceanL Handkerchief-icon
Hat HO OceanL Hat-icon
Heart HO OceanL Heart-icon
Hoop HO OceanL Hoop-icon
Horse HO OceanL Horse-icon
Ink Spot HO OceanL Ink Spot-icon
Jacks HO OceanL Jacks-icon
Knife HO OceanL Knife-icon
Lace Doily HO OceanL Lace Doily-icon
Ladder HO OceanL Ladder-icon
Lemons HO OceanL Lemons-icon
Life Preserver HO OceanL Life Preserver-icon
Lighter HO OceanL Lighter-icon
Map HO OceanL Map-icon
Medal HO OceanL Medal-icon
Model Ocean Liner HO OceanL Model Ocean Liner-icon
Mouse HO OceanL Mouse-icon
Newspaper HO OceanL Newspaper-icon
Paintbrush HO OceanL Paintbrush-icon
Parasol HO OceanL Parasol-icon
Perfume HO OceanL Perfume-icon
Pillow HO OceanL Pillow-icon
Pineapple HO OceanL Pineapple-icon
Pipe HO OceanL Pipe-icon
Pitcher HO OceanL Pitcher-icon
Pocket Watch HO OceanL Pocket Watch-icon
Puck HO OceanL Puck-icon
Puff Box HO OceanL Puff Box-icon
Queen HO OceanL Queen-icon
Ribbon HO OceanL Ribbon-icon
Rope HO OceanL Rope-icon
Rug HO OceanL Rug-icon
Sandwichs HO OceanL Sandwich-icon
Scones HO OceanL Scones-icon
Shawl HO OceanL Shawl-icon
Shoe HO OceanL Shoe-icon
Spy Glass HO OceanL Spy Glass-icon
String Of Lights HO OceanL String Of Lights-icon
Sugar Bowl HO OceanL Sugar Bowl-icon
Tassels HO OceanL Tassels-icon
Teacup HO OceanL Teacup-icon
Toy Boat HO OceanL Toy Boat-icon
Trunk HO OceanL Trunk-icon
Tureen HO OceanL Tureen-icon
Vase HO OceanL Vase-icon
Whisk Brush HO OceanL Whisk Brush-icon
Whistle HO OceanL Whistle-icon
Wine Glass HO OceanL Wine Glass-icon

Super Clue

The Super Clue wants you to play the Cello. To do so, click on the Bow first and then on the Cello

Bow Bow taken Cello
HO OceanL Bow-icon HO OceanL Bow taken-icon HO OceanL Cello-icon


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