Nursery Rainbow
Scene Nursery Rainbow-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Featured
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Mother's Quilt
Total Objects ?
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 9 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source Mother's Memories 8
Limited Time
Start date 12-May-2012
End date TBA

Nursery Rainbow is a Scene in Hidden Chronicles. It was unlocked by completing the Mother's Memories 8 Quest.

Trophy Table

Trophies Trophies-icon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Points needed 337,500 900,000 1,800,000 3,037,500 5,175,000


Share Nursery Rainbow-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" unlocked the Nursery Rainbow scene!
"Player" is discovering the forgotten past of a mother's quilt! Join them in Hidden Chronicles to patch together the cherished memories!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins

Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Nursery Rainbow-Screenshot Upload Map
view screenshot fullsize view object map fullsize

Objects To Find

Item Name

Alphabet Blocks HO NursR Alphabet Blocks-icon
Angel/Fairy HO NursR Angel-icon
Apple HO NursR Apple-icon
Baby Bottle HO NursR Baby Bottle-icon
Baby Food Jar HO NursR Baby Food Jar-icon
Baby Powder Needs Icon
Baby Shampoo HO NursR Baby Shampoo-icon
Bagel HO NursR Bagel-icon
Ball HO NursR Ball-icon
Banana HO NursR Banana-icon
Bells HO NursR Bells-icon
Bib HO NursR Bib-icon
Bow HO NursR Bow-icon
Butterfly HO NursR Butterfly-icon
Cactus HO NursR Cactus-icon
Calico Cat HO NursR Calico Cat-icon
Candy HO NursR Candy-icon
Car Needs Icon
Comb Needs Icon
Cupcake HO NursR Cupcake-icon
Doll HO NursR Doll-icon
Elephant HO NursR Elephant-icon
Finch HO NursR Finch-icon
Folded Diapers HO NursR Folded Diapers-icon
Gift HO NursR Gift-icon
Hairbrush HO NursR Hairbrush-icon
Heart HO NursR Heart-icon
Ivy HO NursR Ivy-icon
Jelly Slippers HO NursR Jelly Slippers-icon
Jigsaw Puzzle HO NursR Jigsaw Puzzle-icon

HO NursR Kiss-icon

Lemonade HO NursR Lemonade-icon
Magazine HO NursR Magazine-icon
Mirror HO NursR Mirror-icon
Mobile HO NursR Mobile-icon
Moon HO NursR Moon-icon
Octopus HO NursR Octopus-icon
Orange HO NursR Orange-icon
Pacifier HO NursR Pacifier-icon
Pig HO NursR Pig-icon
Pillow HO NursR Pillow-icon
Pony HO NursR Pony-icon
Puppy HO NursR Puppy-icon
Purse HO NursR Purse-icon
Rabbit HO NursR Rabbit-icon
Radio HO NursR Radio-icon
Rattle HO NursR Rattle-icon
Rickrack Trim HO NursR Rickrack Trim-icon
Roses HO NursR Roses-icon
Rubber Ducky HO NursR Rubber Ducky-icon
Safety Pin HO NursR Safety Pin-icon
Salad HO NursR Salad-icon
Scarf HO NursR Scarf-icon
Scissors HO NursR Scissors-icon
Seashell HO NursR Seashell-icon
Sewing Machine HO NursR Sewing Machine-icon
Sewn Patch HO NursR Sewn Patch-icon
Shoe HO NursR Shoe-icon
Siamese Cat HO NursR Siamese Cat-icon
Spider Plant HO NursR Spider Plant-icon
Spinning Top HO NursR Spinning Top-icon
Spoon HO NursR Spoon-icon
Spray Bottle HO NursR Spray Bottle-icon
Star HO NursR Star-icon
Stockings HO NursR Stockings-icon
Sun HO NursR Sun-icon
Suncatcher HO NursR Suncatcher-icon
Sunglasses Needs Icon
Tabby Cat HO NursR Tabby Cat-icon
Teddy Bear HO NursR Teddy Bear-icon
Towel HO NursR Towel-icon
Violets HO NursR Violets-icon
Watch HO NursR Watch-icon
Windchime HO NursR Windchime-icon


Scene Unlocked Nursery Rainbow

Scene Unlocked

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