The Newsfeed is the place on Facebook where you can find posts from your Neighbors and post something yourself if you want to share or ask for things. It is used to encourage your Facebook friends to start playing the game. You can filter the newsfeed to see only posts from Hidden Chronicles with this link.

Newsfeed Activity

Some of the posts on your newsfeed are only shown after you click on the "Share" button inside the game. But the game activity is shown without asking you. It shows which Scenes and FastFinds you recently played and which Neighbors you've visited.

Example of an activity post Image enlarges while mouseover
Newsfeed Earned Trophy-Screen1 Newsfeed Earned Trophy-Screen2

Share & Request Posts

While playing the game you often have the option to share things with your Neighbors, e.g. after completing a Quest or unlocking a new Scene you can share Estate Coins with them. Sometimes you need to ask your Neighbor for things to go on with the gameplay. This can be Materials, Quest Materials, Clues, Energy or things like that. Whenever you click on something your Neighbor asks for you get the same item too.

Example of a "share one - get one" post
Newsfeed Share-Request-Screen

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