Mummification Room
Scene Mummification Room-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Gazing Across Centuries
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Egyptian Mask
Total Objects ?
Objects per play 10 & Super Clue
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Estate Points 93,000 EstatePoints-icon
Estate Cash 43 EstateCash-icon
Limited Time
Start date 17 May 2012

Mummification Room is a Scene in Hidden Chronicles.

Trophy Table

Points are acquired toward trophies when playing each scene. Up to five trophies can be won. These are the points that must be acquired to win each successive trophy in Mummification Room:

Trophies Trophies-icon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Points 750.000 1.500.000 2.625.000 4.687.500 9.187.500


Share Unlocked New Scene-feed
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Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Mummification Room-Screenshot Scene Mummification Room-Map
view screenshot fullsize view object map fullsize

Objects To Find

Name Icon
Ankh HO MRoom Ankh-icon
Anubis Statue HO MRoom Anubis-icon
Apple HO MRoom Apple-icon
Arrow HO MRoom Arrow-icon
Axe HO MRoom Axe-icon
Baboon HO MRoom Baboon-icon
Bananas HO MRoom Bananas-icon
Bastet Statue HO MRoom Bastet Statue-icon
Bee HO MRoom Bee-icon
Bee's Wax HO MRoom Bee's Wax-icon
Blue Lotus HO MRoom Blue Lotus-icon
Blue Vase HO MRoom Blue Vase-icon
Bow HO MRoom Bow-icon
Bowl of Water HO MRoom Bowl of Water-icon
Broken Pot HO MRoom Broken Pot-icon
Bronze Pitcher HO MRoom Bronze Pitcher-icon
Canopic Jar HO MRoom Canopic Jar-icon
Cartouch HO MRoom Cartouch-icon
Cat Mummy HO MRoom Cat Mummy-icon
Charcoal Pile HO MRoom Charcoal Pile-icon
Chariot HO MRoom Chariot-icon
Chameleon HO MRoom Chameleon-icon
Chisel HO MRoom Chisel-icon
Clay Goblet HO MRoom Clay Goblet-icon
Clay Mug HO MRoom Clay Mug-icon
Cobra HO MRoom Cobra-icon
Collar Necklace HO MRoom Collar Necklace-icon
Comb HO MRoom Comb-icon
Crocodile Skull HO MRoom Crocodile Skull-icon
Crook and Flail HO MRoom Crook and Flail-icon
Dagger HO MRoom Dagger-icon
Egyptian Mask HO MRoom Egyptian Mask-icon
Embalming Hook HO MRoom Embalming Hook-icon
Eye of Horus HO MRoom Eye of Horus-icon
Falcon HO MRoom Falcon-icon
Fan HO MRoom Fan-icon
Fish HO MRoom Fish-icon
Flute HO MRoom Flute-icon
Grapes HO MRoom Grapes-icon
Golden Sarcophagus HO MRoom Golden Sacrophagus-icon
Gypsum HO MRoom Gypsum-icon
Hand Mirror HO MRoom Hand Mirror-icon
Harp HO MRoom Harp-icon
Head Stand HO MRoom Head Stand-icon
Ibis HO MRoom Ibis-icon
Leopard Skin HO MRoom Leopard Skin-icon
Moon HO MRoom Moon-icon
Ostrich Plume HO MRoom Ostrich Plume-icon
Patch HO MRoom Patch-icon
Papyrus HO MRoom Papyrus-icon
Plumbline HO MRoom Plumbline-icon
Pyramid HO MRoom Pyramid-icon
Rope HO MRoom Rope-icon
Sandal HO MRoom Sandal-icon
Sawdust Pile HO MRoom Sawdust Pile-icon
Scale HO MRoom Scale-icon
Scarab HO MRoom Scarab-icon
Senet Game HO MRoom Senat Game-icon
Ship HO MRoom Ship-icon
Shield HO MRoom Shield-icon
Sliced Figs HO MRoom Sliced Figs-icon
Snail HO MRoom Snail-icon
Sphinx HO MRoom Sphinx-icon
Spear HO MRoom Spear-icon
Star HO MRoom Star-icon
Sun HO MRoom Sun-icon
Sword HO MRoom Sword-icon
Turquoise Bracelet HO MRoom Turquoise Bracelet-icon
Tweezers HO MRoom Tweezers-icon
Unused Bandages HO MRoom Unused Bandages-icon
White Bowl HO MRoom White Bowl-icon
Wig HO MRoom Wig-icon
Wings HO MRoom Wings-icon
Wooden Mallet HO MRoom Wooden Mallet-icon

Super Clue

Blue Bracelet

  • Find Paint Brush
  • Dip Paint Brush in Blue Paint Pot
  • Paint Bracelet (to match Arm Band on Statue)


Scene Unlocked Mummification Room

Scene Unlocked

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