Mother's Memories 3
Quest Mother's Memories 3-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Questline Mother's Memories
Start NPC Megan
Rewards 40XP-icon
Item Rewards Material Chipping Hammer-icon Chipping Hammer
Material Welding Machine-icon Welding Machine
Previous Next
Mother's Memories 2 Mother's Memories 4

Mother's Memories 3 is a Quest in Hidden Chronicles.


Quest Task Gather Friends-icon Gather 4 Friends to Help Mothers Get a Day Off
Ask friends to help give a deserving mother a day off by taking on these jobs.
Quest Task Secret Package-icon Hide 5 Secret Packages on Friends' Estates'
Visit friends' estates and hide secret packages for them to find.
Quest Task 8000 Coins-icon Have 2,000 Coins
Play scenes or visit friends to earn coins.


Share Mother's Memories-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" is patching together the forgotten memories of a mother's quilt!
"Player" is discovering the meaning of a loving family's cherished Quilt and just completed Mothers' Memories 3 of 10! Join them in this search in Hidden Chronicles!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins


Quest Mother's Memories 3-Tasks

Quest Tasks

Quest Mother's Memories 3-Unlock


Quest Mother's Memories 3-Rewards

Quest Rewards

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