Modern Art
Collection Modern Art-icon
—Image © Zynga
Level 5
Total Items 5
Cash alternative 84 EstateCash-icon
Rewards 2Guardian Seal-icon , 1640EstateCoins-icon , 1400EstatePoints-icon
Item Rewards Horse Stable
Previous Next
Wild West Dinner Time
Time specification
Start date 16-JUn-2012
End date TBA

The Modern Art is a Collection in Hidden Chronicles. It needs a total of 5 items to collect.

Items and Source

Icon Name Source Popularity Buy
HO ProfDen Medusa-icon Medusa Professor's Den Uncommon 12 Resources ECash-icon
HO SkyPenth Modern Statue-icon Modern Sculpture Skyrise Penthouse Uncommon 12 Resources ECash-icon
HO CurioS Painter's Palette-icon Painter's Palette Curio Shoppe Uncommon 12 Resources ECash-icon
HO SkyPenth Pollack Painting-icon Pollock Painting Skyrise Penthouse Rare 24 Resources ECash-icon
HO CurioS Ape Finger Painting-icon Ape Finger Painting Curio Shoppe Rare 24 Resources ECash-icon

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Collection Modern Art-info
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