The Master Chronicles is a secret that the player has to solve during the game. Not much is known about them yet but we get several infos after solving quests from time to time. On June 12th, 2012 more Quests that are related to the Master Chronicles were released and it hints that after fulfilling all 3 parts the secret will be solved.


Icon Questline Quests Released
Quest Search for the Master Chronicle-icon Part 1:Search for the Master Chronicle 8 12-Jun-2012
Quest Hot on the Trail-icon Part 2:Hot on the Trail 11 06-Jul-2012
Quest Rebuilding the Bridge-icon Part 3: Rebuilding the Bridge 11 18-Aug-2012


In June 2012 shortly after the final Chapter of the Egyptian Mask was released they also added a button inside the game that showed a teaser after clicking on it.

Master Chronicles-Teaser

Secret Symbol

Part of the way to get to the Master Chronicles is to solve the artifact related quests. Each time you finish one questline you get a new puzzle piece that shows a secret symbol in the end

(Library) (Conservatory)
Secret Symbol
Secret Symbol-icon
Secret Symbol-icon
Puzzle Piece 1
Secret Symbol 1-part1
Necklace Completed
Secret Symbol 2-part1
Vase Completed
Puzzle Piece 2
Secret Symbol 1-part2
Violin Completed
Secret Symbol 2-part2
Nugget Completed
Puzzle Piece 3
Secret Symbol 1-part3
Crocodile Completed
Secret Symbol 2-part3
Statue Completed
Puzzle Piece 4
Secret Symbol 1-part4
Sword Completed

upload Symbol part4
Egyptian Mask Completed

Secret Symbol Revealed
Secret Symbol 1-part5
Jeweled Egg Completed
upload Symbol part5


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