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The Manor is one of the tabs you can choose after you clicked Ramsey Manor. It holds all the standard Scenes that where previously found at the Library and Conservatory tab.


"The Scarlet Stones"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Orient Express Carnelian Necklace Standard Scene by default
Paris Bistro Carnelian Necklace Standard Scene 160 EstatePoints-icon
Thief's Lair Carnelian Necklace Standard Scene 200 EstatePoints-icon
Jewelry Store Carnelian Necklace Premium 10 EstateCash-icon

"A Haunting Melody"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Cremona Workshop Italian Violin Standard Scene 500 EstatePoints-icon
Orchestra Room Italian Violin Standard Scene 850 EstatePoints-icon
Central Park Italian Violin Standard Scene 1,250 EstatePoints-icon, 4 Reputation-icon
Manhattan Alley Italian Violin Standard Scene 1,750 EstatePoints-icon
Venice Canals Italian Violin Premium 25 EstateCash-icon

"Journey in Jade"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Mayan Temple Jade Crocodile Standard Scene 2,750 EstatePoints-icon
Conquistador Camp Jade Crocodile Standard Scene 3,250 EstatePoints-icon
Underwater Wreckage Jade Crocodile Standard Scene 3,850 EstatePoints-icon
Voodoo Shop Jade Crocodile Standard Scene 4,600 EstatePoints-icon, 7 Reputation-icon
Midwest Kitchen Jade Crocodile Standard Scene 5,500 EstatePoints-icon
Art Studio Jade Crocodile Premium 35 EstateCash-icon

"A Napoleon Complex"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Seamstress' Chamber Napoleonic Sword Standard Scene 7,700 EstatePoints-icon
Russian Front Napoleonic Sword Standard Scene 8,400 EstatePoints-icon
Hermitage Room Napoleonic Sword Standard Scene 9,300 EstatePoints-icon
Peasant Barn Napoleonic Sword Standard Scene 10,450 EstatePoints-icon,10 Reputation-icon
Costume Shop Napoleonic Sword Standard Scene 11,900 EstatePoints-icon
British Pub Napoleonic Sword Premium 40 EstateCash-icon

"The Jeweled Cast-off"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Tsarina's Room Jeweled Egg Standard Scene 16,000 EstatePoints-icon
Checkpoint Jeweled Egg Standard Scene 17,200 EstatePoints-icon,13 Reputation-icon
Moroccan Bazaar Jeweled Egg Standard Scene 18,600 EstatePoints-icon
Wedding Gifts Jeweled Egg Standard Scene 20,200 EstatePoints-icon
Business Office Jeweled Egg Standard Scene 22,000 EstatePoints-icon
Garage Sale Jeweled Egg Premium 45 EstateCash-icon

"Imperial Vessel"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Chinese Home Ming Vase Standard Scene 28,200 EstatePoints-icon
Silk Road Ming Vase Standard Scene 30,000 EstatePoints-icon,16 Reputation-icon
Counterfeit Kiln Ming Vase Standard Scene 32,000 EstatePoints-icon
Still Life Ming Vase Standard Scene 34,200 EstatePoints-icon
Florist Shop Ming Vase Standard Scene 36,700 EstatePoints-icon
Tea Garden Ming Vase Premium 50 EstateCash-icon

"The Midas Touch"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Panhandle Creek Gold Nugget Standard Scene 44,500 EstatePoints-icon
High Stakes Poker Gold Nugget Standard Scene 46,600 EstatePoints-icon, 20 Reputation-icon
Professor's Den Gold Nugget Standard Scene 49,200 EstatePoints-icon
Skyrise Penthouse Gold Nugget Standard Scene 52,500 EstatePoints-icon
Curio Shoppe Gold Nugget Standard Scene 56,500 EstatePoints-icon
Prison Suite Gold Nugget Premium 60 EstateCash-icon

"Buried Beauty"

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Greek Agora Greek Statue Standard Scene 67,000 EstatePoints-icon
Fiorelli Dig Greek Statue Standard Scene 69,500 EstatePoints-icon
Cargo Hold Greek Statue Standard Scene 72,600 EstatePoints-icon, 23 Reputation-icon
Swimming Pool Greek Statue Standard Scene 76,400 EstatePoints-icon
Santorini Balcony Greek Statue Standard Scene 81,000 EstatePoints-icon
Pompeii Greek Statue Premium 65 EstateCash-icon

Gazing Across Centuries

Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Mummification Room Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 93,000 EstatePoints-icon
Excavator's Tent Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 96,200 EstatePoints-icon
Flapper Party Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 100,000 EstatePoints-icon
Curator's Office Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 104,200 EstatePoints-icon
Lover's Boudoir Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 109,000 EstatePoints-icon
Mardi Gras 1963 Egyptian Mask Premium 70 EstateCash-icon


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