Icon marketplace specialsLimited Edition Items can be found in the Marketplace for a limited time, often related to a special Event. They are shown in the category Special, as well as in the fitting subcategories of the Marketplace


This Table is only for limited edition items, all other decorative items are at Decorations

Name Icon Category Themed
Royal Phone Booth Marketplace Royal Phone Booth-icon Furnishing Silver Teapot Event
Double Decker Bus Marketplace Double Decker Bus-icon Vehicles Silver Teapot Event
Garden Tea Party Marketplace Garden Tea Party-icon Quest Reward Silver Teapot Event
Heart Path Marketplace Heart Path-icon Paths Lasting Love Event
Wedding Chairs Marketplace Wedding Chairs-icon Furnishing Lasting Love Event
Heart Balloons Marketplace Heart Balloons-icon Lasting Love Event
Romantic Swing Marketplace Romantic Swing-icon Furnishing Lasting Love Event
Newlyweds' Car Marketplace Newlyweds' Car-icon Vehicles Lasting Love Event
Stone Lantern Marketplace Stone Lantern-icon Chinese New Year Event
Taihu Stone Marketplace Taihu Stone-icon Chinese New Year Event
Chinese Moon Wall Marketplace Chinese Moon Wall-icon Walls Chinese New Year Event
Chinese Moon Gate Marketplace Chinese Moon Gate-icon Walls Chinese New Year Event
Chinese Bridge Marketplace Chinese Bridge-icon Chinese New Year Event
Imperial Dragon Marketplace Imperial Dragon-icon Quest Reward Chinese New Year Event
Red Paper Lanterns Marketplace Red Paper Lanterns-icon Furnishing Chinese New Year Event
Celtic Tile Marketplace Celtic Tile-icon Paths St. Patrick's Day Event
Shamrock Light Marketplace Shamrock Light-icon Furnishing St. Patrick's Day Event
Shamrock Balloons Marketplace Shamrock Balloons-icon Furnishing St. Patrick's Day Event
Zeus Statue Marketplace Zeus Statue-rotated Furnishing Mysterious Blueprints


This Table is only for limited edition items, all other garden items are at Gardenings

Name Icon Category Themed
Teapot Topiary Marketplace Teapot Topiary-icon Topiaries Silver Teapot Event
Sweetheart Tree Marketplace Sweetheart Tree-icon Quest Reward Lasting Love Event
Valentine Planter Marketplace Valentine Planter-icon Lasting Love Event
Swan Topiary Marketplace Swan Topiary-icon Topiaries Lasting Love Event
Chinese Cypress Tree Marketplace Chinese Cypress Tree-icon Trees Chinese New Year Event
Dragon Topiary Marketplace Dragon Topiary-icon Topiaries Chinese New Year Event
Clover Topiary Marketplace Clover Topiary-icon Topiaries St. Patrick's Day Event
Topiary Top Hat Marketplace Topiary Top Hat-icon Topiaries St. Patrick's Day Event
Irish Flag Marketplace Irish Flag-icon Flowers St. Patrick's Day Event


This Table is only for limited edition items, all other structured items are at Structures

Name Icon Category Themed
Cupid Statue Marketplace Cupid Statue-icon Statues Lasting Love Event
Heart Pond Marketplace Heart Pond-icon Landscaping Lasting Love Event
Maypole Marketplace Maypole-icon Landscaping St. Patrick's Day Event
Pot o' Gold Marketplace Pot o' Gold-icon Landscaping St. Patrick's Day Event
Lucky Pond Marketplace Lucky Pond-icon Landscaping St. Patrick's Day Event


This Table is only for limited edition items, all other buildable items are at Buildings

Name Icon Category Themed
Garden Maze Marketplace Garden Maze-icon Architecture Silver Teapot Event
Tea House Marketplace Tea House-icon Architecture Silver Teapot Event
Wedding Pedestal Marketplace Wedding Pedestal-icon Architecture Lasting Love Event
Romantic Cottage Marketplace Romantic Cottage-icon Houses Lasting Love Event
Chinese Pavilion Marketplace Chinese Pavilion-icon Architecture Chinese New Year Event
Irish Patio Bar Marketplace Irish Patio Bar-icon Architecture St. Patrick's Day Event
Kelley's Pub Marketplace Kelley's Pub-icon Architecture St. Patrick's Day Event
O'Carolan Brews Marketplace O'Carolan Brews-icon Architecture St. Patrick's Day Event
Royal Lounge Marketplace Royal Lounge-icon Architecture Kipling's Tiger (Quest)
Peacock Cabana Marketplace Peacock Cabana-icon Architecture Kipling's Tiger (Quest)
Grand Elephant Marketplace Grand Elephant-icon Architecture Kipling's Tiger (Quest)
Jungle Gym Marketplace Jungle Gym-icon Architecture Mother's Memories
Super Spinner Marketplace Super Spinner-icon Architecture Mother's Memories
Play Palace Marketplace Play Palace-icon Architecture Mother's Memories
Dog Park Marketplace Dog Park-icon Architecture Doggone Dog Questline
Luxury Dog House Marketplace Luxury Dog House-icon House Doggone Dog Questline
Dog Agility Course Marketplace Dog Agility Course-icon Architecture Doggone Dog Questline


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