A players Level is based on the Experience Points they have earned. Reaching higher Levels allows the player to buy more items from the Marketplace and send a larger variety of Gifts to their Neighbors.


All players begin at Level 1 with 0 Experience Points. All Event related things start at Level 5. Before you reached that level you will not see the special Quests or the Limited Edition Items in the Marketplace.

After entering the game you have to complete a tutorial which can't be skipped. This tutorial forces you to do things that will lead you automatically to Level 2. Therefore no information is given about Level 1 in Hidden Chronicles.


Title Nr. Icon Points Unlocked
Novice Guardian 02
Level 02-icon
10Resources XP-icon Marketplace Tall Light Post-icon Marketplace Lion Statue-icon
Amateur Guardian 03
Level 03-icon
70Resources XP-icon Marketplace Brick Wall-icon Marketplace Archery Target-icon Marketplace Wooden Bench-icon
Neophyte Guardian 04
Level 04-icon
160Resources XP-icon Marketplace Brick Gate-icon Marketplace Greek Column-icon Marketplace Gardening Shed-icon
Student Guardian 05
Level 05-icon
310Resources XP-icon Marketplace Stone Bench-icon Marketplace Round Fountain-icon Marketplace Soft Grass-icon
Developing Guardian 06
Level 06-icon
Marketplace Patio Dining Set-icon Marketplace Stone Wall-icon Marketplace Gargoyle Statue-icon
Promising Guardian 07
Level 07-icon
950Resources XP-icon Marketplace Caretaker's House-icon Marketplace Sun Dial-icon Marketplace Ranch Fence-icon Marketplace Patio Tile-icon
Capable Guardian 08
Level 08-icon
1,425Resources XP-icon Marketplace Ranch Gate-icon Marketplace Mermaid Statue-icon
Practiced Guardian 09
Level 09-icon
2,025Resources XP-icon Marketplace Hay Bale-icon Marketplace Bocce Ball Court-icon
Skillful Guardian 10
Level 10-icon
2,775Resources XP-icon Marketplace Brick Walkway-icon Marketplace Patio Wall-icon Marketplace Hot Tub-icon
Qualified Guardian 11
Level 11-icon
3,675Resources XP-icon Marketplace Cannon-icon
Adept Guardian 12
Level 12-icon
Marketplace Winged Statue-icon
Valued Guardian 13
Level 13-icon
5,925Resources XP-icon Marketplace Iron Fence-icon
Respected Guardian 14
Level 14-icon
7,235Resources XP-icon Marketplace Iron Gate-icon Marketplace Small Rock Decor-icon
Worthy Guardian 15
Level 15-icon
8,925Resources XP-icon Marketplace Stone Walkway-icon Marketplace Abstract Sculpture-icon Marketplace Pool House-icon
Sage Guardian 16
Level 16-icon
10,725Resources XP-icon Marketplace Moroccan Lamp-icon Marketplace Square Fountain-icon
Cultivated Guardian 17
Level 17-icon
12,725Resources XP-icon Marketplace Wrought-Iron Bench-icon
Knowing Guardian 18
Level 18-icon
14,975Resources XP-icon Marketplace Patio Table Set-icon Marketplace Fu Lion-icon
Experienced Guardian 19
Level 19-icon
17,475Resources XP-icon Marketplace Iron Archway-iconMarketplace Clock Tower-icon
Learned Guardian 20
Level 20-icon
20,225Resources XP-icon Marketplace Picket Fence-icon Marketplace Shell Sculpture-icon
Polished Guardian 21
Level 21-icon
23,225Resources XP-icon Marketplace Picket Gate-icon Marketplace Guest House-icon
Strong Guardian 22
Level 22-icon
26,475Resources XP-icon Marketplace Marble Railing-icon Marketplace Rose Trellis-icon
Superb Guardian 23
Level 23-icon
29,975Resources XP-icon Marketplace Ivy Brick Wall-iconGreenhouse
Magnificent Guardian 24
Level 24-icon
33,725Resources XP-icon Marketplace Ivy Brick Gate-icon Marketplace Horseshoe Court-icon
Dedicated Guardian 25
Level 25-icon
37,725Resources XP-icon Marketplace Silver Trailer-icon Marketplace Tennis Court-icon
Formidable Guardian 26
Level 26-icon
42,225Resources XP-icon Marketplace Large Rock Decor-icon
Brilliant Guardian 27
Level 27-icon
46,975Resources XP-icon
Lofty Guardian 28
Level 28-icon
51,975Resources XP-icon Marketplace Croquet Court-icon
Superior Guardian 29
Level 29-icon
57,225Resources XP-icon Marketplace Basketball Court-icon
Notable Guardian 30
Level 30-icon
62,725Resources XP-icon No Reward
Impressive Guardian 31
Level unreleased-icon
68,475Resources XP-icon
Superlative Guardian 32
Level unreleased-icon
74,475Resources XP-icon "O" Topiary, Cambodian Arch, "1" Topiary
Accomplished Guardian 33
Level unreleased-icon
80,825Resources XP-icon No Reward
Consummate Guardian 34
Level unreleased-icon
No Reward
Peerless Guardian 35
Level unreleased-icon
88.275Resources XP-icon No Reward
World-Class Guardian 36
Level unreleased-icon
102.775Resources XP-icon No Reward
Unparalleled Guardian 37
Level unreleased-icon
110.575Resources XP-icon No Reward
Excellent Guardian 38
Level unreleased-icon
119.175Resources XP-icon No Reward
Outstanding Guardian 39
Level unreleased-icon
128.175Resources XP-icon No Reward
Matchless Guardian 40
Level unreleased-icon
137.575Resources XP-icon No Reward

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