Kids' Tea Party
Scene Kids' Tea Party-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Featured
Type Oliver's Teapot
Artifact Silver Teapot
Level 5
Total Objects 71 & Super Clue
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 8 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source Teapot Tussle 3
Limited Time
Start date Feburary 2012
End date 03/12/2012

Kid's Tea Party is one of the Scenes you get as a reward after completing specific parts of the Oliver's Teapot questlines that were released with the Silver Teapot Event in Hidden Chronicles. After the player unlocked these they will still be available even if the Event ended. The Scenes can be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Featured tab.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

300.000 800.000 1.600.000 2.700.000


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—Image © Zynga
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Scene Kid's Tea Party-Screenshot

Objects Map


Objects To Find

Item Name Icon
Antenna HO KidsTP Antenna-icon
Apron HO KidsTP Apron-icon
Ballerina HO KidsTP Ballerina-icon
Balllet Slipper HO KidsTP Balllet Slipper-icon
Bandana HO KidsTP Bandana-icon
Beach Ball HO KidsTP Beach Ball-icon
Blue Brick HO KidsTP Blue Brick-icon
Bubbles HO KidsTP Bubbles-icon
Butterfly HO KidsTP Butterfly-icon
Camera HO KidsTP Camera-icon
Canopy Bed HO KidsTP Canopy Bed-icon
Car HO KidsTP Car-icon
Charcoal HO KidsTP Charcoal-icon
Comic Book HO KidsTP Comic Book-icon
Cookies HO KidsTP Cookies-icon
Cowboy HO KidsTP Cowboy-icon
Crayons HO KidsTP Crayons-icon
Cup HO KidsTP Cup-icon
Dog/Collie HO KidsTP Dog Collie-icon
Dog Bowl HO KidsTP Dog Tray-icon
Flag HO KidsTP Flag-icon
Frog HO KidsTP Frog-icon
Giraffe HO KidsTP Giraffe-icon
Glass Of Milk HO KidsTP Glass Of Milk-icon
Glasses HO KidsTP Glasses-icon
Heart HO KidsTP Heart-icon
Hot Dog HO KidsTP Hot Dog-icon
Hula Loop HO KidsTP Hula Loop-icon
Ice Cream HO KidsTP Ice Cream Cone-icon
Jump Rope HO KidsTP Jump Rope-icon
Ketchup HO KidsTP Ketchup-icon
Kite HO KidsTP Kite-icon
Lady Bug HO KidsTP Lady Bug-icon
Lantern HO KidsTP Lantern-icon
Lawn Mower HO KidsTP Lawn Mower-icon
Lighter Fluid HO KidsTP Lighter Fluid-icon
Marbles HO KidsTP Marbles-icon
Marshmallows HO KidsTP Marshmallows-icon
Monkey HO KidsTP Monkey-icon
Mustard HO KidsTP Mustard-icon
Oven Mitt HO KidsTP Oven Mitt-icon
Paper Doll HO KidsTP Paper Doll-icon
Purse HO KidsTP Purse-icon
Radio HO KidsTP Radio-icon
Rake HO KidsTP Rake-icon
Record Player HO KidsTP Record Player-icon
Refrigerator HO KidsTP Refrigerator-icon
Ribbon HO KidsTP Ribbon-icon
Roller Skates HO KidsTP Rollerskates-icon
Rubber Duck HO KidsTP Rubber Duck-icon
Scribbles HO KidsTP Scribbles-icon
Sheriff's Badge HO KidsTP Sheriff's Badge-icon
Shirt HO KidsTP Shirt-icon
Shorts HO KidsTP Shorts-icon
Shovel HO KidsTP Shovel-icon
Slipper HO KidsTP Slipper-icon
Sock Puppet HO KidsTP Sock Puppet-icon
Spoon HO KidsTP Spoon-icon
Stegosaurus HO KidsTP Stegosaurus-icon
Straw HO KidsTP Straw-icon
Streamers HO KidsTP Streamers-icon
Sugar Cubes HO KidsTP Sugar Cubes-icon
Teddy Bear HO KidsTP Teddy Bear-icon
Tiara HO KidsTP Tiara-icon
Tongs HO KidsTP Tongs-icon
Towel HO KidsTP Towel-icon
Turtle HO KidsTP Turtle-icon
UFO HO KidsTP UFO-icon
Violets HO KidsTP Violets-icon
Watermelon HO KidsTP Watermelon-icon
Whistle HO KidsTP Whistle-icon

Super Clue

The Super Clue wants you to put out the fire. To do so, grab the Bucket, fill it with water from the pool and pour it over the Barbecue

Bucket Pool Bucket filled
HO KidsTP Bucket-icon HO KidsTP Pool Water-icon HO KidsTP Bucket filled-icon
Bucket taken BBQ Fire Fire erased
HO KidsTP Bucket taken-icon HO KidsTP BBQ-icon HO KidsTP Fire-icon HO KidsTP Smoke-icon


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