Immigrant Ship
Scene Immigrant Ship-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Featured
Type The Lost Harp
Artifact Ancient Harp
Level 5
Total Objects 75
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 9 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source The Lost Harp 6
Limited Time
Start date 03/10/2012
End date TBA

The Immigrant Ship is a Scene that was released as part of the St. Patrick's Day Event. To unlock this Scene a player must complete certain tasks of the The Lost Harp questlines. It is unlocked after completing The Lost Harp 6 quest (you may have to refresh the game to see it). It can be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Featured tab.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

337.500 900.000 1.800.000 3.037.500


Share Musical Quinns-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" has unlocked the IMMIGRANT SHIP scene!
What will the scene reveal about the lost branch of the Quinn family? Play the St. Patrick's Day quests in HIDDEN CHRONICLES and find out for yourself!
Share Bonus: Clue


Scene Immigrant Ship-Screenshot

Object Map

Scene Immigrant Ship-Map

Objects To Find

Item Name Icon
Apple HO IShip Apple-icon
Armour Breastplate HO IShip Armour Breastplate-icon
Arrow HO IShip Arrow-icon
Axe HO IShip Axe-icon
Barrel HO IShip Barrel-icon
Bird Cage HO IShip Bird Cage-icon
Bird HO IShip Bird-icon
Book HO IShip Book-icon
Boots HO IShip Boots-icon
Bottle HO IShip Bottle-icon
Cannonball HO IShip Cannonball-icon
Cat HO IShip Cat-icon
Celtic Triskelion HO IShip Celtic Triskelion-icon
Clover HO IShip Clover-icon
Coal HO IShip Coal-icon
Crescent Moon HO IShip Crescent Moon-icon
Cup Print HO IShip Cup Print-icon
Dog HO IShip Dog-icon
Dragon HO IShip Dragon-icon
Drinking Horn HO IShip Drinking Horn-icon
Egg HO IShip Egg-icon
Feather HO IShip Feather-icon
Fish Bones HO IShip Fish Bones-icon
Fish HO IShip Fish-icon
Flag HO IShip Flag-icon
Fork HO IShip Fork-icon
Gauntlet HO IShip Gauntlet-icon
Gold Coins HO IShip Gold Coins-icon
Gold Shield HO IShip Gold Shield-icon
Gold Vase HO IShip Gold Vase-icon
Golden Goblet HO IShip Golden Goblet-icon
Golden Necklace HO IShip Golden Necklace-icon
Hat HO IShip Hat-icon
Helmet HO IShip Helmet-icon
Hook HO IShip Hook-icon
Inkpot HO IShip Inkpot-icon
Jade Mask HO IShip Jade Mask-icon
Jade Necklace HO IShip Jade Necklace-icon
Jade Vase HO IShip Jade Vase-icon
Knife HO IShip Knife-icon
Leg Of Lamb- HO IShip Leg Of Lamb-icon
Letter HO IShip Letter-icon
Lighthouse HO IShip Lighthouse-icon
Lion HO IShip Lion-icon
Lizard HO IShip Lizard-icon
Lock HO IShip Lock-icon
Map HO IShip Map-icon
Missing Plank HO IShip Missing Plank-icon
Oar HO IShip Oar-icon
Owl HO IShip Owl-icon
Pear HO IShip Pear-icon
Pistol HO IShip Pistol-icon
Pitcher HO IShip Pitcher-icon
Powder Flask HO IShip Powder Flask-icon
Rat HO IShip Rat-icon
Red Chest HO IShip Red Chest-icon
Rifle HO IShip Rifle-icon
Ring HO IShip Ring-icon
Rope HO IShip Rope-icon
Sack HO IShip Sack-icon
Seagull HO IShip Seagull-icon
Shield HO IShip Shield-icon
Ship HO IShip Ship-icon
Silver Ingots HO IShip Silver Ingots-icon
Silver Tankard HO IShip Silver Tankard-icon
Silver Pot HO IShip Silver Pot-icon
Skeleton Key HO IShip Skeleton Key-icon
Skull HO IShip Skull-icon
Spear HO IShip Spear-icon
Spoon HO IShip Spoon-icon
Sun HO IShip Sun-icon
Sword HO IShip Sword-icon
Tin Whistle HO IShip Tin Whistle-icon
Yellow Pillow HO IShip Yellow Pillow-icon


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