Greek Agora
Scene Greek Agora-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Manor
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Greek Statue
Total Objects 69 & Super Clue
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Estate Points 67,000 EstatePoints-icon

Greek Agora is one of the Scenes previously found in the Conservatory.The Scene can now be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Manor tab, there it is listed under the Greek Statue.

Trophy Table

Trophies Trophies-icon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Points needed 525,000 1,400,000 8,050,000


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" unlocked the Greek Agora scene, an ancient place of rite and ritual.
"Player" travels back to ancient Greece in the search for the Master Chronicle. It must be found!
Share Bonus: Clue

Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Greek Agora-Screenshot Upload Map
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Objects To Find

Name Icon
Antlers HO GAgora Antlers-icon
Apple HO GAgora Apple-icon
Arrow HO GAgora Arrow-icon
Artichoke HO GAgora Artichoke-icon
Bangle HO GAgora bangle-icon
Basket of Fruits HO GAgora Basket of Fruits-icon
Beard HO GAgora Beard-icon
Bird Mosaic HO GAgora Bird Mosaic-icon
Blindfold HO GAgora Blind fold-icon
Boar HO GAgora Boar-icon
Bow HO GAgora Bow-icon
Bowl of Olives HO GAgora Bowl of Olives-icon
Bread HO GAgora Bread-icon
Broken Pottery HO GAgora Broken Pottery-icon
Butterfly HO GAgora Butterfly-icon
Cat HO GAgora Cat-icon
Comb HO GAgora Comb-icon
Cornucopia HO GAgora Cornucopia-icon
Crow HO GAgora Crow-icon
Dagger HO GAgora Dagger-icon
Decorative Pillows HO GAgora Decorative Pillows-icon
Dice HO GAgora Dice-icon
Finger Cymbals HO GAgora Finger Cymbals-icon
Fish HO GAgora Fish-icon
Fishing Net HO GAgora Fishing Net-icon
Flute HO GAgora Flute-icon
Glass Bottle HO GAgora Glass Bottle-icon
Goat HO GAgora Goat-icon
Goddess Bust HO GAgora Goddess Bust-icon
Golden Cup HO GAgora Golden Cup-icon
Grapes HO GAgora Grapes-icon
Head Band HO GAgora Head Band-icon
Helmet HO GAgora Helmet-icon
Horse HO GAgora Horse-icon
HO GAgora Javelin-icon
Lute HO GAgora Lute-icon
Medusa Mask HO GAgora Medusa Mask-icon
Mirror HO GAgora Mirror-icon
Moon HO GAgora Moon-icon
Mortar and Pestle HO GAgora Mortar and Pestle-icon
Octopus Jug HO GAgora Octopus Jug-icon
Oil Jug HO GAgora Oil Jug-icon
Olive Branch HO GAgora Olive Branch-icon
Orange HO GAgora Orange-icon
Owl HO GAgora Owl-icon
Ox Head HO GAgora Ox Head-icon
Pegasus Medallion HO GAgora Pegasus Medallion-icon
Pendant HO GAgora Pendant-icon

HO GAgora Dove-icon

Pitcher HO GAgora Pitcher-icon
Pomegranate HO GAgora Pomegranate-icon
Rattle HO GAgora Rattle-icon
Rooster HO GAgora Rooster-icon
Scale HO GAgora Scale-icon
Scroll HO GAgora Scroll-icon
Shell HO GAgora Shell-icon
Shield HO GAgora Shield-icon
Snake HO GAgora Snake-icon
HO GAgora Spear-icon
Spilled Wine HO GAgora Spilled Wine-icon
Stool HO GAgora Stool-icon
Sundial HO GAgora Sundial-icon
Tablet HO GAgora Tablet-icon
Three Runners HO GAgora Three Runners-icon
Tortoise HO GAgora Tortoise-icon
HO GAgora Trident-icon
Wreath HO GAgora Wreath-icon
Yarn Balls HO GAgora Yarn Balls-icon
Torch HO GAgora Torch-icon

Super Clue

The Super Clue wants you to "Fix Heart's Wreath", to do so, click on the 3 petals inside the Scene and attach them to the unfinished Heart.

Heart of Petals (3)
Stage 1 2 3
HO GAgora Petal1-icon.png
HO GAgora Petal2-icon.png
HO GAgora Petal3-icon.png
HO GAgora Heart1-icon.png HO GAgora Heart2-icon.png HO GAgora Heart3-icon.png
Scene Greek Agora Super Clue

Super Clue Heart of Petals (3)


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