Gingerbread Porch
Scene Gingerbread Porch-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Featured
Type Spring 2012 Event
Artifact Wicker Basket
Level 5
Total Objects 70
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 9 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source Quest Reward
Limited Time
Start date 04/07/2012
End date TBA

The Gingerbread Porch is a Scene that can be obtained as a reward for completing the A Basket Case-Part Two Quest.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

450.000 900.000 1.575.000 2.812.500 5.512.500


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" is rocking on the Gingerbread Porch!
"Player" has unlocked this beautiful scene from the "A Basket Case" mystery in HIDDEN CHRONICLES. What could you find amongst the wicker and flowers?
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Scene Gingerbread Porch-Screenshot

Object Map

upload Map

Objects To Find

Item Name Icon
Acorns HO GPorch Acorns-icon
Airplane HO GPorch Airplane-icon
Balloon HO GPorch Balloon-icon
Beetle HO GPorch Beetle-icon
Bell HO GPorch Bell-icon
Blue Bow HO GPorch Blue Bow-icon
Book HO GPorch Book-icon
Bunny HO GPorch Bunny-icon
Butterdish HO GPorch Butterdish-icon
Butterfly HO GPorch Butterfly-icon
Caterpillar HO GPorch Caterpillar-icon
Club HO GPorch Club-icon
Cookies HO GPorch Cookies-icon
Creamer HO GPorch Creamer-icon
Crescent Moon HO GPorch Crescent Moon-icon
Curly Ribbon HO GPorch Curly Ribbon-icon
Diamond HO GPorch Diamond-icon
Door Mat HO GPorch Door Mat-icon
Doughnut HO GPorch Doughnut-icon
Doves HO GPorch Doves-icon
Dragonfly HO GPorch Dragonfly-icon
Dufflebag HO GPorch Dufflebag-icon
Dyed Eggs HO GPorch Dyed Eggs-icon
Electric Fan HO GPorch Electric Fan-icon
Embroidery HO GPorch Embroidery-icon
Flower Pot HO GPorch Flower Pot-icon
Garden Shears HO GPorch Garden Shears-icon
Gardening Gloves HO GPorch Gardening Gloves-icon
Green Bow HO GPorch Green Bow-icon
Hand Print HO GPorch Hand Print-icon
Heart HO GPorch Heart-icon
Horse HO GPorch Horse-icon
Lamp HO GPorch Lamp-icon
Lemon HO GPorch Lemon-icon
Lilacs HO GPorch Lilacs-icon
Mailbox HO GPorch Mailbox-icon
Muffin HO GPorch Muffin-icon
Necktie HO GPorch Necktie-icon
Number 12 HO GPorch Number 12-icon
Old Photo HO GPorch Old Photo-icon
Orange Leaf HO GPorch Orange Leaf-icon
Paw Print HO GPorch Paw Print-icon
Pawn HO GPorch Pawn-icon
Pink Bow HO GPorch Pink Bow-icon
Playing Card HO GPorch Playing Card-icon
Rake HO GPorch Rake-icon
Rocking Chair HO GPorch Rocking Chair-icon
Rose Bush HO GPorch Rose Bush-icon
Seagull HO GPorch Seagull-icon
Sewn Patch HO GPorch Sewn Patch-icon
Shovel HO GPorch Shovel-icon
Snail HO GPorch Snail-icon
Sock HO GPorch Sock-icon
Soldier's Hat HO GPorch Soldier's Hat-icon
Song Bird HO GPorch Song Bird-icon
Spatter HO GPorch Spatter-icon
Spider HO GPorch Spider-icon
Spoon HO GPorch Spoon-icon
Spring Hat HO GPorch Spring Hat-icon
Squirrel HO GPorch Squirrel-icon
Star HO GPorch Star-icon
Strawberries HO GPorch Strawberries-icon
Sugar Bowl HO GPorch Sugar Bowl-icon
Tea Cup HO GPorch Tea Cup-icon
Teddy Bear HO GPorch Teddy Bear-icon
Toad HO GPorch Toad-icon
Tulip Bulbs HO GPorch Tulip Bulbs-icon
Violets HO GPorch Violets-icon
Watering Can HO GPorch Watering Can-icon
Watermelon HO GPorch Watermelon-icon
White Bow HO GPorch White Bow-icon


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