A Gift is an item a player can send to their Neighbor or receive from them. Sending a gift costs nothing to either player, but you may only send one gift daily. All accepted gifts go to the Inventory.

Sending a Gift

When a player opens the game for the first time in the day, a popup will remind him to send a gift to his most active Neighbors. Then he can send them Energy with just one click. Another option is to click on the free gifts tab on the top of the game and choose one of the available gifts. After that he can choose which friens should get a gift.

Accepting a Gift

When a gift is shown in your inbox you have the possibility to click "send & accept" button or hoover your mouse under it and select "accept only".


Players can also request some gifts from their Neighbors if they need to finish a Building or Quest.

Available Gifts

Icon Name


Energy2-icon Energy+2 Level 02-icon Consumable
Material Tool Belt-icon Tool Belt Material
Material Paint Can-icon Paint Can Material
Marketplace Bird Bath-icon Bird Bath Decoration
Marketplace Flower Planter-icon Flower Planter Decoration
Marketplace Jeweled Bench-icon Jeweled Bench Level 10-icon Decoration
Marketplace Cone Topiary-icon Cone Topiary 9 Resources ReP-icon Gardening
Marketplace Cherry Tree-icon Cherry Tree Gardening
Energy3-icon Energy+3 Consumable
Marketplace Ornamental Arch-icon Ornamental Arch Decoration
Marketplace Rocket Sculpture-icon Rocket Sculpture Decoration
Marketplace Tropical Flowers-icon Tropical Flowers Gardening
Marketplace Greek Statue-icon Greek Statue (decoration) Decoration
Marketplace Red Maple Tree-icon Red Maple Tree 25 Resources ReP-icon Gardening
Clue-icon Clue Level 40
Level unreleased-icon


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