Gardening Shed
Marketplace Gardening Shed-icon
—Image © Zynga
The estate grounds need tending. Keep your tools here!
Vital statistics
Category Building
Type Storage
Size 3x3 (9 squares)
Level 4
Source Marketplace
Estate Coins 1000 EstateCoins-icon
Cash Complete 6 EstateCash-icon
Materials No
Waiting Time No
Crewmembers 3
Estate Points 320 EstatePoints-icon

The Gardening Shed is an item that can be purchased from the Marketplace in Hidden Chronicles.
Although this Gardening Shed was listed under the Storage tab in the Marketplace it unfortunately can't be used for storage in the game, instead it was for decoration purposes only.
Starting 4th of August 2012, the upgrade for the Gardening Shed is made available and the upgradable tutorial is included in the Upgradable Buildings quest.

Related Quests


Construction Finished Building Rotated Building
Marketplace Gardening Shed-construction
Marketplace Gardening Shed-preview
Marketplace Gardening Shed-rotated

Building Requirements

Crewmembers quantity get from Cash
Carpenter 1 Neighbor 2 Resources ECash-icon
Builder 1 Neighbor 2 Resources ECash-icon
Gardener 1 Neighbor 2 Resources ECash-icon
Buy all for 6 Resources ECash-icon


Marketplace Gardening Shed-infos


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