Frost's Cottage
Scene Frost's Cottage-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Featured
Type Spring 2012 Event
Artifact Wicker Basket
Level 5
Total Objects 71
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source A Basket Case-Part Three 4
Limited Time
Start date 04/13/2012
End date TBA

The Frost's Cottage is an unreleased Scene that is part of the Spring 2012 Event. It is a reward for completing the A Basket Case-Part Three 4 Quest.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

450.000 900.000 1.575.000 2.812.500 5.512.500


Upload File:Share Frost's Cottage-feed.png
—Image © Zynga
Share Bonus: Estate Coins


Scene Frost's Cottage-Screenshot

Object Map

upload Map

Objects To Find

Item Name Icon
Airplane HO FrostC Airplane-icon
Ball Of Yarn HO FrostC Ball Of Yarn-icon
Bird Whistle HO FrostC Bird Whistle-icon
Bird's Nest HO FrostC Bird's Nest-icon
Blanket HO FrostC Blanket-icon
Boots HO FrostC Boots-icon
Bubbles HO FrostC Bubbles-icon
Butter Churn HO FrostC Butter Churn-icon
Butterfly HO FrostC Butterfly-icon
Cameo HO FrostC Cameo-icon
Candy Jar HO FrostC Candy Jar-icon
Cat HO FrostC Cat-icon
Cheese HO FrostC Cheese-icon
Chessboard HO FrostC Chessboard-icon
Chickens HO FrostC Chickens-icon
Children's Book HO FrostC Children's Book-icon
Cigarette Case HO FrostC Cigarette Case-icon
Clay Pots HO FrostC Clay Pots-icon
Clothespin HO FrostC Clothespin-icon
Coiled Rope HO FrostC Coiled Rope-icon
Daffodils HO FrostC Daffodils-icon
Dog HO FrostC Dog-icon
Doily HO FrostC Doily-icon
Fireflies HO FrostC Fireflies-icon
Fleur-de-Lis HO FrostC Fleur-de-Lis-icon
Flower Cushion HO FrostC Flower Cushion-icon
Gloves HO FrostC Gloves-icon
Goose HO FrostC Goose-icon
Hairbrush HO FrostC Hairbrush-icon
Handkerchief HO FrostC Handkerchief-icon
Harmonica HO FrostC Harmonica-icon
Honeycomb HO FrostC Honeycomb-icon
Ink Bottle HO FrostC Ink Bottle-icon
Jug HO FrostC Jug-icon
Kite HO FrostC Kite-icon
Lace Curtain HO FrostC Lace Curtain-icon
Laundry Line HO FrostC Laundry Line-icon
Lavender HO FrostC Lavender-icon
Logs HO FrostC Logs-icon
Lucky Clover HO FrostC Lucky Clover-icon
Marble Statue HO FrostC Marble Statue-icon
Mushrooms HO FrostC Mushrooms-icon
Opera Glasses HO FrostC Opera Glasses-icon
Pail HO FrostC Pail-icon
Paw Prints HO FrostC Paw Prints-icon
Perfume Bottle HO FrostC Perfume Bottle-icon
Pigeon HO FrostC Pigeon-icon
Pitchfork HO FrostC Pitchfork-icon
Poem HO FrostC Poem-icon
Postcard HO FrostC Postcard-icon
Potatoes HO FrostC Potatoes-icon
Puddle HO FrostC Puddle-icon
Rainbow HO FrostC Rainbow-icon
Raw Wool HO FrostC Raw Wool-icon
Sandwich HO FrostC Sandwich-icon
Shaving Brush HO FrostC Shaving Brush-icon
Shovel HO FrostC Shovel-icon
Snail HO FrostC Snail-icon
Spice Rack HO FrostC Spice Rack-icon
Spool Of Thread HO FrostC Spool Of Thread-icon
Stained Glass HO FrostC Stained Glass-icon
Stick Of Butter HO FrostC Stick Of Butter-icon
Storage Trunk HO FrostC Storage Trunk-icon
Tea Tin HO FrostC Tea Tin-icon
Teapot HO FrostC Teapot-icon
Teddybear HO FrostC Teddybear-icon
Tin Soldier HO FrostC Tin Soldier-icon
Toad HO FrostC Toad-icon
Vanilla Beans HO FrostC Vanilla Beans-icon
Water Pump HO FrostC Water Pump-icon
Watering Can HO FrostC Watering Can-icon


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