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Because some people seem to have problems finding the Zynga Customer Support (especially the email-link) I decided to explain it here.

On the game tab of Hidden Chronicles you have "Help" if you click that you will see that links to Zynga's official forums and their Customer Support. On the Customer Support site you can either browse through the most common issues or search for more specific ones. However if you can't find a resolution to your game issue then look for the "Need More Help?" link located in the top right corner of any sub-page. Better still, look out for the "Live Chat" link also located on the right of the support site pages but it is not visible all the time. I recommend to use the search function there first to find out if your problem is already noticed if not, click any of the topics there then click the "Need More Help?" link.

Another good idea is reading "Current Issues & Bugs"

Ways to contact Zynga Customer Support

More details and tips on how to get a quick response HERE.

Hope that helps, Luna 14:06, April 9, 2012 (UTC)
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