Floral Gazebo
Marketplace Floral Gazebo-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Architecture
Size 4x4
Estate Coins 8,000 EstateCoins-icon
Materials yes
Waiting Time no
Crewmembers no
Estate Points 1050 EstatePoints-icon

The Floral Gazebo is an architectural building that can be purchased from the marketplace.

Building Requirements

Icon Name quantity get from Cash
Material Drill-icon Drill 4 Newsfeed 2 Resources ECash-icon
Material Duct Tape-icon (Rolls of) Duct Tape 4 Neighbor 2 Resources ECash-icon
Material Paint Can-icon Paint Can 4 Neighbor 2 Resources ECash-icon
Material Pulley-icon Pulley 2 Newsfeed ? Resources ECash-icon
Material Rivets-icon Rivets 4 Neighbor 2 Resources ECash-icon


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