Flight of Garuda Part One 7
Quest Flight of Garuda Part One 7-icon
—Image © Zynga
Flight of Garuda - Part One: 7 of 7
Vital statistics
Tasks 3
Questline Flight of Garuda Questline
Start NPC Marion
Level 5
Time specification
Starts on 14-Sept-2012
Ends on TBA
Rewards 280EstateCoins-icon, 50XP-icon
Previous Next
Flight of Garuda Part One 6 Flight of Garuda Part Two 1

Flight of Garuda Part One 7 is a Quest in Hidden Chronicles.


Quest Task Trophy Bagan Temple-icon
Earn 3 trophies in the Bagan Temple scene
Click on the manor and look in the 'episodes' tab for "Flight of Garuda" to find this scene.
Quest Task packages icon
Hide 4 Secret Packages
Visit your friends to hide packages on their estates.
Quest Task Burmese Boat-icon
Place Burmese Boat
Find the Burmese Boat in the Marketplace under 'Decorations'


Share Flight of Garuda-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" completed Flight of Garuda - Part 1: 7 of 7!
"Player" is answering the call of Garuda, King of Birds, and seeking the truth about ancient Burmese relics. Join the adventure!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins


Quest Flight of Garuda Part One 7-Tasks

Quest Tasks

Quest Flight of Garuda Part One 7-Rewards

Quest Rewards

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