Flight of Garuda Episode
Flight of Garuda Episode-icon
—Image © Zynga
Investigate the mystery of the Burmese Garuda statue
Vital statistics
New Scenes 3
New Items ?
Artifact Statue of Garuda
Questline 1 Flight of Garuda Part One
Questline 2 Flight of Garuda Part Two
Starts on 14-Sept-2012
Ends on TBA
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The Lucky Bear Episode -

Flight of Garuda Episode is a storyline in Hidden Chronicles. It comes with new Scenes, Quests, Characters and Market Items for the Player.


Flight of Garuda Part One-Teaser
Flight of Garuda Part Two-Teaser

New Scenes

These Scenes can be found in the Episodes tab after clicking on Ramsey Manor.

New Character(s)

We get to know Marion, Myat, Hendrik and Ashin.

New Quest(line)s

There is a total of 11 new Quests released in the Flight of Garuda Questline.

New Market Items

With the release of the new Episode ? new Items where released. ? of them could be bought in the Marketplace and 1 of them is a reward for completing the whole questline.

Bagan Temple (Item)
Marketplace Bagan Temple (Item)-icon
Burmese Boat
Marketplace Burmese Boat-icon
Burmese Gazebo
Marketplace Burmese Gazebo-icon
Burmese Houseboat
Marketplace Burmese Houseboat-icon
Tuk Tuk
Marketplace Tuk Tuk-icon

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