Flapper Party
Scene Flapper Party-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Gazing Across Centuries
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Egyptian Mask
Objects per play 10 & Super Clue
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Estate Points 100,000 EstatePoints-icon
Limited Time
Start date 17 May 2012

Flapper Party is a Scene in Hidden Chronicles.

Trophy Table

Trophies Trophies-icon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Points needed 750,000


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" is cutting a rug with a flapper!
"Player" has unlocked the Flapper Party in the history of the Egyptian Mask. Join them in the "Gazing Across Centuries" quest in Hidden Chronicles.
Share Bonus: Clue

Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Flapper Party-Screenshot Scene Flapper Party-Map
view screenshot fullsize view object map fullsize

Objects To Find

Name Icon
Ankh HO FParty Ankh-icon
Ashtray HO FParty Ashtray-icon
Bananas HO FParty Bananas-icon
Billiard Ball HO FParty Billiard Ball-icon
Boater HO FParty Boater-icon
Bootleg Liquor HO FParty Bootleg Liquor-icon
Bowl HO FParty Bowl-icon
Bow Tie HO FParty Bow Tie-icon
Broken Record HO FParty Broken Record-icon
Brooch HO FParty Brooch-icon
Camera HO FParty Camera-icon
Candybar HO FParty Candybar-icon
Card HO FParty Card-icon
Carnation HO FParty Carnation-icon
Cherries HO FParty Cherries-icon
Cigar HO FParty Cigar-icon
Cigar Holder HO FParty Cigar Holder-icon
Cloche HO FParty Cloche-icon
Clock HO FParty Clock-icon
Comb HO FParty Comb-icon
Crystal Ball HO FParty Crystal Ball-icon
Deer HO FParty Deer-icon
Dog HO FParty Dog-icon
Dress HO FParty Dress-icon
Feather Boa HO FParty Feather Boa-icon
Feather Duster HO FParty Feather Duster-icon
Flask HO FParty Flask-icon
Floor Lamp HO FParty Floor Lamp-icon
Foot Stool HO FParty Foot Stool-icon
Funnel HO FParty Funnel-icon
Glasses HO FParty Glasses-icon
Golden Earring HO FParty Gold Earring-icon
Gun HO FParty Gun-icon
Guitar HO FParty Guitar-icon
Hair Crimper HO FParty Hair Crimper-icon
Handkerchief HO FParty Handkerchief-icon
Headband HO FParty Headband-icon
Jaguar HO FParty Jaguar-icon
King Tut HO FParty King Tut-icon
Ladle HO FParty Ladle-icon
Large Mirror HO FParty Large Mirror-icon
Letter HO FParty Letter-icon
Lilies HO FParty Lilies-icon
Marble Column HO FParty Marble Column-icon
Muff HO FParty Muff-icon
Nail Polish HO FParty Nailpolish-icon
Peacock HO FParty Peacock-icon
Pearls HO FParty Pearls-icon
Pennant HO FParty Pennant-icon
Purse HO FParty Purse-icon
Raccoon Coat HO FParty Raccoon Coat-icon
Radio HO FParty Radio-icon
Record Player HO FParty Record Player-icon
Saxophone HO FParty Saxophone-icon
Scarf HO FParty Scarf-icon
Seltzer Bottle HO FParty Seltzer Bottle-icon
Sheet Music HO FParty Sheet Music-icon
Sphinx HO FParty Sphinx-icon
Star HO FParty Star-icon
Still HO FParty Still-icon
Swan HO FParty Swan-icon
Tambourine HO FParty Tambourine-icon
Telephone HO FParty Telephone-icon
Tennis Racket HO FParty Tennis Racket-icon
Toothbrush HO FParty Toothbrush-icon
Turban HO FParty Turban-icon
Umbrella HO FParty Umbrella-icon
White Gloves HO FParty White Gloves-icon
White Heels HO FParty White Heels-icon
White Mask HO FParty White Mask-icon

Super Clue

Scene Flapper Party Super Clue

Super Clue

Make Martini (2)

  • Pour Cocktale Shaker into Glass
  • Add an Olive to Glass


Scene Unlocked Flapper Party

Scene Unlocked


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Story 2


Story 3


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Story 7


Story 8

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