Find the Difference (or Split-Time) Scenes are different to normal Scenes, in these you have two of the same picture with a few items missing that you must identify. No items are listed; it's just a matter of spotting the difference between the 2 images shown. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and the time it takes to find all items.

Split-Time1 Split-Time2

Find the Difference Scenes

Icon Scene Name Artifact Category Unlock
Scene Midwest Kitchen-icon Midwest Kitchen Jade Crocodile Manor 5,500 Resources EPoints-icon
Scene Wedding Gifts-icon Wedding Gifts Jeweled Egg Manor 20,200 Resources EPoints-icon
Scene Counterfeit Kiln-icon Counterfeit Kiln Ming Vase Manor 32,000 Resources EPoints-icon
Scene Santorini Balcony-icon Santorini Balcony Greek Statue Manor 81,000 Resources EPoints-icon

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