Estate Bridge
Location Estate Bridge-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Grounds
Type Bridge
Content Rebuilding the Bridge
Total Scenes 5
Level 5
Limited Time
Start date 18-Aug-2012
End date TBA

Estate Bridge is a Location in Hidden Chronicles that can be explored once player completed Part 1:Search for the Master Chronicle Quest and Part 2: Hot on the Trail Quest. Player needs to complete the Part 3 Quest called Rebuilding the Bridge. By the end of the quest, the bridge will be fully reconstructed. The Estate Bridge's name (originally named VanDuzen Bridge) is renamed to Ramsey Bridge, to honor Geoffrey Ramsey and the expansion to the other side of the river is made available.



Estate Bridge First Construction

First Stage

Estate Bridge Second Construction

Second Stage

Estate Bridge Third Construction

Third Stage

Estate Bridge Fourth Construction

Fourth Stage

Estate Bridge Fifth Construction

Fifth Stage

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