In the Episode tab you will find all of the special Scenes from the newly started Episodes just like the A Secret Past episode.

Known Episodes

Name Icon Caption Artifact Scenes
A Secret Past Episode A Secret Past Episode-icon Uncover the dark, romantic past of Molly's grandmother. Cameo Necklace
Kipling's Tiger Episode Kipling's Tiger Episode-icon Discover a new Guardian skill as you seek the lost Tiger Bookend. Tiger Bookend
Doggone Dog Episode Doggone Dog Episode-icon Return a missing dog to his owner. Diamond Dog Collar
Okuni's Fan Episode Okuni's Fan Episode-icon Help me learn the secret history of this ancient Japanese fan Japanese Fan
Ring of Truth Episode Ring of Truth Episode-icon Divine the truth about the mysterious Madame Nadya Ring of Truth
Titanic Episode Titanic Episode-icon See the beginning of a hopeful voyage on the RMS Titanic Gold Bracelets
The Lucky Bear Episode Artifact The Lucky Bear-icon Delve into the summers long past as you explore the history of the Lucky Bear The Lucky Bear
Flight of Garuda Episode Flight of Garuda Episode-icon Investigate the mystery of the Burmese Garuda statue Statue of Garuda


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