Egyptian Mask
Artifact Egyptian Mask-icon
—Image © Zynga
The face of an ancient Egyptian gazes across the centuries
Vital statistics
Scene Tab Manor
Type Standard Artifact
Chapter Gazing Across Centuries
Total Scenes 6
Time Specification
Start date 17-May-2012
End date TBA

The Egyptian Mask is an Artifact in Hidden Chronicles. It is available since May 17th, 2012 and has a total of 6 Scenes to unlock so far. It was already mentioned at the end of the Greek Statue quests before it was released.


Artifact Egyptian Mask-teaser


Chapter Gazing Across Centuries

Icon Scene Name Artifact Type Unlock Cash Unlock
Scene Mummification Room-icon Mummification Room Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 93,000 EstatePoints-icon 43 EstateCash-icon
Scene Excavator's Tent-icon Excavator's Tent Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 96,200 EstatePoints-icon 44 EstateCash-icon
Scene Flapper Party-icon Flapper Party Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 100,000 EstatePoints-icon 47 EstateCash-icon
Scene Curator's Office-icon Curator's Office Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 104,200 EstatePoints-icon 46 EstateCash-icon
Scene Lover's Boudoir-icon Lover's Boudoir Egyptian Mask Standard Scene 109,000 EstatePoints-icon 47 EstateCash-icon
Scene Mardi Gras 1963-icon Mardi Gras 1963 Egyptian Mask Premium Bubble Safari 5 70 EstateCash-icon


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