Curio Shoppe
Scene Curio Shoppe-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Manor
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Gold Nugget
Total Objects 68 & Super Clue
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Estate Points 56,500 EstatePoints-icon

The Curio Shoppe is one of the possible Scenes in Hidden Chronicles. The Scene can be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Manor tab. It is then listed there under the Gold Nugget.

Trophy Table

Trophies Trophies-icon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Points needed 487,500 1,300,000 2,600,000


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" unlocked Curio Shoppe and is close to finding the gold nugget's hidden clue!
The Curio Shoppe was one of the gold nugget's final stops. If "Player" can master this scene the nugget must reveal its secrets!
Share Bonus: Clue

Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
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Objects To Find

Name Icon
Air Brush HO CurioS Air Brush-icon
Ape Finger Painting HO CurioS Ape Finger Painting-icon
Autumn Leaf HO CurioS Autumn Leaf-icon
Baby Picture HO CurioS Baby Picture-icon
Backpack HO CurioS Backpack-icon
Barcode HO CurioS Barcode-icon
Blank Canvas HO CurioS Blank Canvas-icon
Bull's Eye HO CurioS Bull's Eye-icon
Butterfly HO CurioS Butterfly-icon
Canary HO CurioS Canary-icon
Candles HO CurioS Candles-icon
Crayons HO CurioS Crayons-icon
Doberman HO CurioS Doberman-icon
Dreamcatcher HO CurioS Dreamcatcher-icon
Drinking Glass HO CurioS Drinking Glass-icon
Easel HO CurioS Easel-icon
Electric Fan HO CurioS Electric Fan-icon
Empty Frame HO CurioS Empty Frame-icon
Fake Blood HO CurioS Fake Blood-icon
Faucet HO CurioS Faucet-icon
Fawn HO CurioS Fawn-icon
Finger Painting HO CurioS Finger Painting-icon
Fountain Pen HO CurioS Fountain Pen-icon
Ghostly Figure HO CurioS Ghostly Figure-icon
Glue Stick HO CurioS Glue Stick-icon
Gold Nugget HO CurioS Gold Nugget-icon
Gold Ring HO CurioS Gold Ring-icon
Green Z HO CurioS Green Z-icon
Jar of Sand HO CurioS Jar of Sand-icon
Loch Ness Monster HO CurioS Loch Ness Monster-icon
Magnet Bracelet HO CurioS Magnet Bracelet-icon
Magnifying Glass HO CurioS Magnifying Glass-icon
Modelling Clay HO CurioS Modelling Clay-icon
Mosaic Tiles HO CurioS Mosaic Tiles-icon
Mouse HO CurioS Mouse-icon
Old Style Camera HO CurioS Old Style Camera-icon
Paint Splatter HO CurioS Paint Splatter-icon
Painter's Palette HO CurioS Painter's Palette-icon
Palette Knife HO CurioS Palette Knife-icon
Paper Mache HO CurioS Paper Mache-icon
Pastel Picture HO CurioS Pastel Picture-icon
Pigeons HO CurioS Pigeons-icon
Postcard HO CurioS Postcard-icon
Poster Board HO CurioS Poster Board-icon
Potted Ivy HO CurioS Potted Ivy-icon
Pug HO CurioS Pug-icon
Rabbit HO CurioS Rabbit-icon
Radio HO CurioS Radio-icon
Rubber Gloves HO CurioS Rubber Gloves-icon
Sand Dollar HO CurioS Sand Dollar-icon
Sasquatch Slippers HO CurioS Sasquatch Slippers-icon
Slide Rule HO CurioS Slide Rule-icon
Smiley HO CurioS Smiley-icon
Spider Ring HO CurioS Spider Ring-icon
Stack of Coins HO CurioS Stack of Coils-icon
Suitcase HO CurioS Suitcase-icon
Table Lamp HO CurioS Table Lamp-icon
Top Hat HO CurioS Top Hat-icon
Treasure Map HO CurioS Treasure Map-icon
Turpentine HO CurioS Turpentine-icon
Two-Headed Turtle HO CurioS Two-Headed Turtle-icon
Venus Fly Trap HO CurioS Venus Fly Trap-icon
Watercolours HO CurioS Watercolours-icon
Waterfall HO CurioS Waterfall-icon
Painbrush HO CurioS Paintbrush-icon
Bumper Sticker HO CurioS Bumper Sticker-icon
? HO CurioS 67-icon
? HO CurioS 68-icon

Super Clue

The Super Clue wants you to "Finish Totem", to do so, click on the Chainsaw and use it with the Wood block on the Top of the Totem

Wood Block Chainsaw Finished Totem
HO CurioS Wood Block-icon HO CurioS Chainsaw-icon HO CurioS Finished Totem-icon


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