Curator's Office
Scene Curator's Office-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Gazing Across Centuries
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Egyptian Mask
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Estate Points 104,200 EstatePoints-icon
Limited Time
Start date 17 May 2012

Curator's Office is a Scene in Hidden Chronicles.

Trophy Table

Trophies Trophies-icon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Points needed 750,00 1,500,000 2,625,000 9,187,500


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" is visiting the 1933 World's Fair!
"Player" unlocked the Curator's Office in the history of the Egyptian Mask. Join them in the "Gazing Across Centuries" quest in Hidden Chronicles.
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Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
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Objects To Find

Name Icon
Ashtray HO COffice Ashtray-icon
Balls HO COffice Balls-icon
Bathysphere HO COffice Bathysphere-icon
Biplane HO COffice Biplane-icon
Bookmark HO COffice Bookmark-icon
Bridge HO COffice Bridge-icon
Briefcase HO COffice Briefcase-icon
Bronze Button HO COffice Bronze Button-icon
Bus HO COffice Bus-icon
Cactus HO COffice Cactus-icon
Cane HO COffice Cane-icon
Checkered Board HO COffice Checker Board-icon
Cherry Blossom HO COffice Cherry Blossom-icon
Chinese Lantern HO COffice Chinese Lantern-icon
Chocolate Donut HO COffice Chocolate Doughnut-icon
Coffee HO COffice Coffee-icon
Cork Screw HO COffice Cork Screw-icon
Cow HO COffice Cow-icon
Dagger HO COffice Dagger-icon
Desk Lamp HO COffice Desk Lamp-icon
Dinosaur HO COffice Dinosaur-icon
Dog Sled HO COffice Dog Sled-icon
Dragon HO COffice Dragon-icon
Dumbell HO COffice Dumbell-icon
Egyptian Mask HO COffice Egyptian Mask-icon
Envelope HO COffice Envelope-icon
Eye Glasses HO COffice Eye Glasses-icon
Fountain Pen HO COffice Fountain Pen-icon
French Flag HO COffice French Flag-icon
Fruit Bowl HO COffice Fruit Bowl-icon
Gargoyle HO COffice Gargoyle-icon
Gladiolus HO COffice Gladiolus-icon
Globe HO COffice Globe-icon
Handkerchief HO COffice Handkerchief-icon
Hat HO COffice Hat-icon
Indian HO COffice Indian-icon
Ink Well HO COffice Ink Well-icon
Isis HO COffice Isis-icon
Italian Flag HO COffice Italian Flag-icon
Katana HO COffice Katana-icon
Large Ring HO COffice Large Ring-icon
Large Vase HO COffice Large Vase-icon
Letter Opener HO COffice Letter Opener-icon
Macaw HO COffice Macaw-icon
Matterhorn HO COffice Matterhorn-icon
Moroccan Platter HO COffice Morrocan Platter-icon
Obelisk HO COffice Obelisk-icon
Pipe HO COffice Pipe-icon
Pocket Knife HO COffice Pocket Knife-icon
Radio HO COffice Radio-icon
Shamrock HO COffice Shamrock-icon
Skull HO COffice Skull-icon
Spoon HO COffice Spoon-icon
Stack of Books HO COffice Stack of Books-icon
Stage Coach HO COffice Stage Coach-icon
Steam Train HO COffice Steam Train-icon
Swedish Clock HO COffice Swedish Clock-icon
Swedish Flag HO COffice Swedish Flag-icon
Tamoshater HO COffice Tamoshater-icon
Telephone HO COffice Telephone-icon
Thermometer HO COffice Thermometer-icon
Tibetian Temple HO COffice Tibetian Temple-icon
Tie Clip HO COffice Tie Pin-icon
Umbrella HO COffice Umbrella-icon
Vest HO COffice Vest-icon
Wall Lamp HO COffice Wall Lamp-icon
Wallet HO COffice Wallet-icon
Windmill HO COffice Windmill-icon
Wooden Shoes HO COffice Wooden Shoes-icon
Zeppelin HO COffice Zeppelin-icon

Super Clue

Scene Curator's Office Super Clue

Super Clue
Catalog Approval

Catalog Approval

  • Stamp
  • Ink Pad
  • Catalog

Mini Game

In this Mini Game you have to solve a Jigsaw Puzzle. Click and move the pieces around if you get them in the right spot they seal together automatically.

Mini Game Jigsaw Solved Jigsaw
Scene Curator's Office Mini Game 1 Scene Curator's Office Mini Game 2 Scene Curator's Office Mini Game 3


Scene Unlocked Curator's Office

Scene Unlocked

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