Coming Up Flowers 3
Quest Coming Up Flowers 3-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Questline Coming up Flowers 1-3
Start NPC Oliver
Rewards 4Energy-icon, 2320EstateCoins-icon,
Item Rewards Marketplace Iron Archway-icon Iron Archway
Previous Next
Coming Up Flowers 2 A Timely Addition 1

Coming Up Flowers 3 is a Quest in Hidden Chronicles.


Quest Task Trophy Business Office-icon Earn 3 Trophies in the Business Office of the Jeweled Egg
Returning to past scenes will improve your skills as a Guardian.
Quest Task Grass Seed-icon
Get 5 Grass Seeds
It's looking seedy around here. Green it up by asking friends for help.
Quest Task Floral Gazebo-icon
Complete the Floral Gazebo
Your friends are there to help!


Share Blank-feed
—Image © Zynga
Unscramble the Secret Words: AITWSRIE, YKECUHNSLOE
"Player" is cultivating the flowers on their beautiful new gazebo! Word puzzle hint: flowering vines
Answer: Wisteria, Honeysuckle
Share Bonus: Estate Coins


Quest Coming Up Flowers 3-Tasks

Quest Tasks

Quest Coming Up Flowers 3-Rewards

Quest Rewards

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