Collections are an achievment available in Hidden Chronicles, which were released on June 16th, 2012. When all items in a collection have been collected, they can be traded in for a special reward.

General Information

There are several ways to complete collections...

Known Collections

Play scenes, find items, and trade in for Rewards!

  1. Reel 'Em In
  2. Gadgets and Gizmos
  3. Wine and Cheese
  4. Mysterious Marvels
  5. Getting to Work
  6. Royal Living
  7. Clowning Around
  8. Distinguished Scholar
  9. Creepies and Crawlies
  10. Shadows and Sleuths
  11. High Fashion
  12. Luxury Cruise
  13. Deep Blue Sea
  14. Workshop
  15. Still Got the Blues
  16. Fine Living
  17. Sweet Nothings
  18. Camping Gear
  19. Eternal Love
  20. Mediavel Feast
  21. Secret Agent (same name as 35 but different reward)
  22. Lofftur's Map
  23. Desserts
  24. Falling in Love
  25. Eistein's Personal Effects
  26. Mathematics Kit
  27. Medieval Weapons
  28. Office Necessities
  29. Archbishop's Effects
  30. Invisible Man
  31. Picnic Date
  32. Water Creatures
  33. Farm Animals
  34. Gone Fishing
  35. Secret Agent (same name as 21 but different reward)
  36. Precious Jewelry
  37. Transportation
  38. Wild West
  39. Modern Art
  40. Dinner Time
  41. Toys and Trinkets
  42. Sailing Adventures
  43. Ladies' Night
  44. Train Robbery



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