Coin Fountain
Freeitem Coin Fountain-icon
—Image © Zynga
Lady Luck is disguised as a mermaid in this lucky coin fountain. Click and win!
Vital statistics
Category Building
Type Free Item
Size 2x2
Level ?
Source Zynga Gift
Materials yes
Waiting Time no
Crewmembers no
Cash Completion 84 EstateCash-icon
Estate Points 0 EstatePoints-icon
Limited Time
Start date 27-Apr-2012
End date TBA

The Coin Fountain is a free gift from Zynga to the players of Hidden Chronicles. You can click on it every 45 seconds to "Make a Wish" this will cost you 2 Energy and give you various amounts of Estate Coins as rewards. As for now it seems you always get 1 Experience Points as reward too.

Ever see a fountain that gives you coins? This one does!
With this fountain of fortune, you have a chance to win up to one million coins!


Construction Finished Building Rotated
Freeitem Coin Fountain-construction Freeitem Coin Fountain-preview Freeitem Coin Fountain-rotated
Ready to Collect Rotated
Freeitem Coin Fountain-gold Freeitem Coin Fountain-goldrotated

Building Requirements

Icon Name
quantity get free or Buy Total
Material Aqua Vitae-icon Aqua Vitae x3 Newsfeed 4 Resources ECash-icon 12 Resources ECash-icon
Material Fintail Goldfish-icon Fintail Goldfish x8 Newsfeed 4 Resources ECash-icon 32 Resources ECash-icon
Material Marble Block-icon Marble Block x5 Neighbor 4 Resources ECash-icon 20 Resources ECash-icon
Material Mosaic Tile-icon Mosaic Tile x4 Newsfeed 4 Resources ECash-icon 16 Resources ECash-icon
Material Trident-icon Trident x1 Neighbor 4 Resources ECash-icon 4 Resources ECash-icon
84 Resources ECash-icon


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