A Chapter in Hidden Chronicles is a collection of several Scenes to a specific topic, person or object.

Known Chapters

Manor Tab

Name Icon Caption Artifact Scenes
The Scarlet Stones Chapter The Scarlet Stones-icon Explore the history of the Carnelian Necklace to reveal its secret Carnelian Necklace 4
A Haunting Melody Chapter A Haunting Melody-icon This Italian violin holds powerful memories, and another piece of the puzzle. Italian Violin 5
Journey in Jade Chapter Journey in Jade-icon The Jade Crocodile has a deep and ancient history. Jade Crocodile 6
A Napoleon Complex Chapter A Napoleon Complex-icon Explore the turbulent history of this Napoleonic Sword. Napoleonic Sword 6
The Jeweled Cast-off Chapter The Jeweled Cast-off-icon Transport yourself into the secret past of this Jeweled Egg. Jeweled Egg 6
Imperial Vessel Chapter Imperial Vessel-icon A cobalt dragon watches wisely from this Ming Vase Ming Vase 6
The Midas Touch Chapter The Midas Touch-icon All that glitters is not gold -- but this nugget is 24 karat! Gold Nugget 6
Buried Beauty Chapter Buried Beauty-icon Her marble eyes stare across centuries to ancient Greece. Greek Statue 6
Gazing Across Centuries Chapter Gazing Across Centuries-icon The face of an ancient Egyptian gazes across the centuries Egyptian Mask 6
Carrying A Torch Chapter Carrying A Torch-icon A tale of hot jazz, love and spy intrigue in the 1950s Camera 5

Episodes Tab

Name Icon Caption Artifact Scenes
A Secret Past Episode A Secret Past Episode-icon Uncover the dark, romantic past of Molly's grandmother. Cameo Necklace 5
Kipling's Tiger Episode Kipling's Tiger Episode-icon Discover a new Guardian skill as you seek the lost Tiger Bookend. Tiger Bookend 3
Doggone Dog Episode Doggone Dog Episode-icon Return a missing dog to his owner. Diamond Dog Collar 3
Okuni's Fan Episode Okuni's Fan Episode-icon Help me learn the secret history of this ancient Japanese fan Japanese Fan 3
Ring of Truth Episode Ring of Truth Episode-icon Divine the truth about the mysterious Madame Nadya. Ring of Truth 3

Titanic part 1 /
Titanic Phase 2: parts 3 & 4

Titanic Episode-icon See the beginning of a hopeful voyage on the RMS Titanic. Gold Bracelets 3
The Lucky Bear Episode Artifact The Lucky Bear-icon Delve into summers long past as you explore the history of the Lucky Bear. The Lucky Bear 3
Flight of Garuda Episode Flight of Garuda Episode-icon Investigate the mystery of the Burmese Garuda statue. Statue of Garuda 3

Grounds Tab

Name Icon Caption Scenes
Secluded Treehouse Location Secluded Treehouse-icon Could Geoffrey have hidden something in the treehouse? There's only one way to find out. Search! 3
Secluded Windmill Location Secluded Windmill-icon Geoffrey seemed fascinated by the Windmill. Does it hold a secret? 3
Secluded Lion Pond Location Secluded Lion Pond-icon The Lion of the Guardians may have drawn Geoffrey to this pond, but for what purpose? 3
Secluded Pavilion Location Secluded Pavilion-icon Was this Pavilion a place where Geoffrey was looking for something hidden...or hiding something? 3
(Secluded) Guardian Retreat Location Secluded Retreat-icon What did Geoffrey do in this Guardians's retreat? Perhaps he...hid something. 3
Secluded Stage Set Location Secluded Stage Set-icon Could Geoffrey have hidden something near the Stage Set? There's only one way to find out. Search! 1
Estate Bridge Location The Manor Secrets-icon It is merely an old, broken bridge...or something more? 1
The Manor Secrets Location The Manor Secrets-icon What other secrets did Geoffrey leave accesible through the Manor? 2

Featured Tab

Name Icon Caption Artifact Scenes
Premium Chapter Featured-icon Unlock these intriguing scenes from around the world and across centuries. different 9
Year of the Dragon Chapter Featured-icon What time-lost secret did your uncle discover about the Imperial Dragon? Dragon Statue 3
Lasting Love Chapter Featured-icon Discover the love story behind an old, hand-made Valentine. Valentine 3
Oliver's Teapot Chapter Featured-icon Is Oliver the rightful owner of a rare Silver Teapot? It's up to you to learn the truth. Silver Teapot 3
The Lost Harp Chapter Featured-icon Find your favorite holiday scenes and play episodes you may have missed Ancient Harp 3
Mother's Memories Chapter Featured-icon Discover the forgotten memories of a mother's quilt. Mother's Quilt 3
A Basket Case Chapter Featured-icon Uncover the secret origins of an old woven basket. Wicker Basket 3
Puzzles Chapter Puzzles-icon Piece together the missing puzzle pieces to discover new locations. 3

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