Artifact Camera-icon
—Image © Zynga
A tale of hot jazz, love and spy intrigue in the 1950s
Vital statistics
Scene Tab Manor
Type Standard Artifact
Chapter Carrying A Torch
Total Scenes 5
Time Specification
Start date 27-August-2012
End date TBA

Camera is an Artifact in Hidden Chronicles under the 10th chapter in the Manor tab; "Carrying A Torch". It was introduced on 27th August 2012 and has a total 5 new scenes to unlock.


Carrying A Torch-Teaser


Chapter Carrying A Torch

Icon Scene Name Artifact Type Unlock Cash Unlock
Scene Club Rosebud-icon Club Rosebud Camera Standard Scene ? EstatePoints-icon ? EstateCash-icon
Scene LaFemme's Vanity-icon LaFemme's Vanity Camera Standard Scene 123,400 EstatePoints-icon ? EstateCash-icon
Scene Italian Alley-icon Italian Alley Camera Standard Scene 127,500 EstatePoints-icon 50 EstateCash-icon
Scene Ophidian Hideout-icon Ophidian Hideout Camera Standard Scene 131,900 EstatePoints-icon 51 EstateCash-icon
Scene Villa Celimontana-icon Villa Celimontana Camera Standard Scene 136,700 EstatePoints-icon 52 EstateCash-icon


Artifact Camera-tab

Manor Tab

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