Business Office
Scene Business Office-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Manor
Type Standard Scene
Artifact Jeweled Egg
Total Objects 72 & Super Clue
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 10 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Estate Points 22,000 EstatePoints-icon

The Business Office is one of the possible Scenes in Hidden Chronicles. The Scene can be found after clicking on Ramsey Manor and then choosing the Manor tab. It is then listed there under the Jeweled Egg.

Trophy Table

Trophies Trophies-icon 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Points needed 412.500 1.100.000 2.200.000 3.712.500


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" is enroute to a Business Office in the search for hidden clues.
"Player" The jeweled egg is about to reveal another page in its checkered past. Will this one be the key to the Master Chronicle?
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Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Business Office-Screenshot Upload Map
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Objects To Find

Name Icon
Power Tie! HO BOffice Power Tie!-icon
Ream of Paper HO BOffice Reem Of Paper-icon
Cat HO BOffice Cat-icon
Skyscraper HO BOffice Skyscraper-icon
Corkscrew HO BOffice Corkscrew-icon
Magazines HO BOffice Magazines-icon
Elevation Portrait HO BOffice Elevation-icon
Picnic Basket HO BOffice Picnic Basket-icon
Hardback Books HO BOffice Hardback Books-icon
Glue Bottle HO BOffice Glue Bottle-icon
Snow Globe HO BOffice Snow Globe-icon
TV Dinner HO BOffice TV Dinner-icon
Glasses HO BOffice Glasses-icon
Lunchbox HO BOffice Lunch Box-icon
Envelope HO BOffice Envelope-icon
Plastic Hoop HO BOffice Plastic Hoop-icon
Suit Jacket HO BOffice Suit Jacket-icon
Rocket HO BOffice Rocket-icon
Large Spring HO BOffice Large Spring-icon
Family Photo HO BOffice Family Photo-icon
Bowling Shoes HO BOffice Bowling Shoes-icon
Blender HO BOffice Blender-icon
Floor Lamp HO BOffice Floor Lamp-icon
Binoculars HO BOffice Binoculars-icon
Sunflower Flowerbox HO BOffice Sunflower Flowerbox-icon
Table Plant HO BOffice Table Plant-icon
Cabinet Fern HO BOffice Cabinet Fern-icon
Radio HO BOffice Radio-icon
Safe HO BOffice Safe-icon
Plaid Hat HO BOffice Plaid Hat-icon
Crumpled Paper HO BOffice Crumpled Paper-icon
Shag Carpet HO BOffice Shag Carpet-icon
Yo-yo HO BOffice Yo-yo-icon
Book of Stamps HO BOffice Book Of Stamps-icon
Manila Folder HO BOffice Manila Folder-icon
US Flag HO BOffice US Flag-icon
Scissors HO BOffice Scissors-icon
Watch HO BOffice Watch-icon
Poster Board HO BOffice Poster Board-icon
Teapot HO BOffice Teapot-icon
Stapler HO BOffice Stapler-icon
Briefcase HO BOffice Briefcase-icon
Calendar HO BOffice Calendar-icon
Desk Lamp HO BOffice Desklamp-icon
TV HO BOffice TV-icon
Award Plaque HO BOffice Award Plaque-icon
Camera HO BOffice Camera-icon
Cigar HO BOffice Cigar-icon
Binding Clips HO BOffice Clips-icon
Clock HO BOffice Clock-icon
Community Diorama HO BOffice Community Diorama-icon
Fashion Magazine HO BOffice Fashion Magazine-icon
Paper Press HO BOffice Paper Press-icon
Patent HO BOffice Patent-icon
Pencil Sharpener HO BOffice Pencil Sharpener-icon
Postcard HO BOffice Postcard-icon
Ruler HO BOffice Ruler-icon
Smiley HO BOffice Smiley-icon
Suitcase HO BOffice Suitcase-icon
Trophy HO BOffice Trophy-icon
Umbrella HO BOffice Umbrella-icon
Vase HO BOffice Vase-icon
Tea Box HO BOffice Tea Box-icon
Atomic Symbol HO BOffice Atomic Symbol-icon
Casserole Dish HO BOffice Casserole Dish-icon
Hole Punch HO BOffice Hole Punch-icon
Large Cup HO BOffice Large Cup-icon
Paper Tray HO BOffice Paper Tray-icon
? HO BOffice 69-icon
? HO BOffice 70-icon
? HO BOffice 71-icon
? HO BOffice 72-icon

Super Clue

The Super Clue wants you to "Make Coffee (3)", to do so click on the Coffee, Milk, and Sugar and on the Coffee Mug after each.

Coffee Milk Sugar Coffee Mug
HO BOffice Coffee-icon HO BOffice Milk-icon HO BOffice Sugar-icon HO BOffice Coffee Mug-icon
Coffee taken Milk taken Sugar taken Coffee Mug filled
HO BOffice Coffee taken-icon HO BOffice Milk taken-icon HO BOffice Sugar taken-icon HO BOffice Coffee Mug filled-icon


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