Bubble Safari Questline
Bubble Safari Questline-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Type Cross-Promotion
Start NPC Bubbles
Missions 5
Level ?
Time specification
Starts on 7-Jun-2012
Scene Rewards Mardi Gras 1963
Item Rewards Icon Target Hint-icon Target Hints

Bubble Safari Questline is a special cross-promotional questline in Hidden Chronicles. It has a total of 5 Quests to complete.


Icon Name
Quest Bubble Safari 1-icon Bubble Safari 1
Quest Bubble Safari 2-icon Bubble Safari 2
Quest Bubble Safari 3-icon Bubble Safari 3
Quest Bubble Safari 4-icon Bubble Safari 4
Quest Bubble Safari 5-icon Bubble Safari 5

Rewards for completing all

Newsfeed post for the whole Questline

Share Bubble Safari-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" is monkeying around in Bubble Safari!
Bubbles the monkey has come to Hidden Chronicles in search of help and "Player" is popping bubbles like a pro! Here's some jungle largess to celebrate.
Share Bonus: Estate Coins

Bubbles the Monkey

Character Bubble Monkey Neutral
Bubbles is a special Character introduced specially for the Bubble Safari cross promotional questline.


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