Bessie's Shack
Scene Bessie's Shack-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Episodes
Type A Secret Past
Artifact Cameo Necklace
Total Objects 73
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 8 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source A Secret Past-Part One 3 of 9
Limited Time
Start date 03/17/2012
End date TBA

Bessie's Shack is one of the possible Scenes in A Secret Past it was released at March 16th, 2012.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed

450.000 900.000 1.575.000 2.812.500 5.512.500


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" has unlocked the Bessie's Shack scene!
"Player" is playing detective to decipher the secret past of Molly's grandmother! Play the A Secret Past quests in HIDDEN CHRONICLES and join in to solve the mystery!
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Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene Bessie's Shack-Screenshot Scene Bessie's Shack-Map
view screenshot fullsize view object map fullsize

Objects to Find

Name Icon
Wringer Washer HO BShack Wringer Washer-icon
Manhole Cover HO BShack Manhole Cover-icon
Beach Painting HO BShack Beach Painting-icon
Possum HO BShack Possum-icon
Washboard HO BShack Washboard-icon
Ice Hook HO BShack Ice Hook-icon
Flower Planter HO BShack Flower Planter-icon
Broken Fence HO BShack Broken Fence-icon
Bicycle HO BShack Bicycle-icon
Hand Hoe HO BShack Hand Hoe-icon
Tractor Wheel HO BShack Tractor Wheel-icon
Border Collie HO BShack Border Collie-icon
Spring HO BShack Spring-icon
Soda Bottle HO BShack Soda Bottle-icon
Sun Tea HO BShack Sun Tea-icon
Painting of Birds HO BShack Painting of Birds-icon
Propeller HO BShack Propeller-icon
Recruiting Poster HO BShack Recruiting Poster-icon
Rusted Chassis HO BShack Rusted Chassis-icon
Glass Bottles HO BShack Glass Bottles-icon
Ghosts HO BShack Ghosts-icon
Clothes Line HO BShack Clothes Line-icon
Trough HO BShack Trough-icon
Milk Carton HO BShack Milk Carton-icon
Bullfrog HO BShack Bullfrog-icon
Banjo HO BShack Banjo-icon
Old Sofa HO BShack Old Sofa-icon
Rusted Radiator HO BShack Rusted Radiator-icon
Chimney HO BShack Chimney-icon
Overalls HO BShack Overalls-icon
Wooden Bucket HO BShack Wooden Bucket-icon
Hay Bale HO BShack Hay Bale-icon
Wind Chimes HO BShack Wind Chimes-icon
Yoke HO BShack Yoke-icon
Telephone Pole HO BShack Telephone Pole-icon
Bird's Nest HO BShack Bird's Nest-icon
Gas Can HO BShack Gas Can-icon
Chicken HO BShack Chicken-icon
Lasso HO BShack Lasso-icon
Harmonica HO BShack Harmonica-icon
Barbed Wire HO BShack Barbed Wire-icon
Clothes Pin HO BShack Clothes Pin-icon
Broken Chair HO BShack Broken Chair-icon
Hub Cap HO BShack Hub Cap-icon
Mustard Plant HO BShack Mustard Plant-icon
Painting of Cows HO BShack Painting of Cows-icon
Pitchfork HO BShack Pitchfork-icon
Pheasant HO BShack Pheasant-icon
Plow Tines HO BShack Plow Tines-icon
Rake HO BShack Rake-icon
Tomato Plant HO BShack Tomato Plant-icon
Swing HO BShack Swing-icon
Ice Box HO BShack Ice Box-icon
Branding Iron HO BShack Branding Iron-icon
Water Pump HO BShack Water Pump-icon
Rusty Spokes HO BShack Rusty Spokes-icon
Picnic Basket HO BShack Picnic Basket-icon
Flyswatter HO BShack Flyswatter-icon
Spanish Moss HO BShack Spanish Moss-icon
Dragonfly HO BShack Dragonfly-icon
Knapsack HO BShack Knapsack-icon
Sling Shot HO BShack Sling Shot-icon
Money Stack HO BShack Money Stack-icon
Army Men HO BShack Army Men-icon
Wire Cutter HO BShack Wire Cutter-icon
Broom HO BShack Broom-icon
Picnic Table HO BShack Picnic Table-icon
Canvas Umbrella HO BShack Canvas Umbrella-icon
Dried Wreath HO BShack Dried Wreath-icon
Rattlesnake HO BShack Rattlesnake-icon
Mason Jar HO BShack Mason Jar-icon
Kerosene Lamp HO BShack Microphone-icon


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