Bear With Me Part 2
Quest Bear With Me Part 2-icon
—Image © Zynga
Bear With Me: Part 2 of 2
Vital statistics
Tasks 3
Start NPC Jillian
Level 5
Time specification
Starts on 15-July-2012
Ends on 20-July-2012
Rewards 280EstateCoins-icon, 50XP-icon
Item Rewards
Bldvacaybearstatue completed icon x4
Mama Bear Statue
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Bear With Me Part 1 -

Bear With Me Part 2 is a Quest in Hidden Chronicles.


Quest Task 60 Items FastFind-icon
Find 60 Items of Fast Find
Play FastFind scenes until you find 60 items. Look out for the bear in the St. Peter's scene!
Dau11 honey task
Ask for 6 Honeycombs
The best way to get a taste of natural "hunny"!
Quest Task Peanut Butter-icon
Post for 5 Peanut Butter
Keep peanut products at home when you go camping. But they're perfect for intentionally attracting bears!


Share Bear With Me-feed
—Image © Zynga
"Player" is on the lookout for bears!
"Player" is helping Jillian find a supposed bear wandering around on her Estate. Join in the fun and adventure in Hidden Chronicles!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins


Quest Bear With Me Part 2-Tasks

Quest Tasks

Quest Bear With Me Part 2-Rewards

Quest Rewards

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