A Secret Past-Part Two 4 of 8
Quest A Secret Past-Part Two 4 of 8-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Questline A Secret Past-Part Two
Start NPC Molly
Time specification
Starts on 03/24/2012
Ends on TBA
Rewards 280EstateCoins-icon, 50XP-icon
Previous Next
A Secret Past-Part Two 3 of 8 A Secret Past-Part Two 5 of 8


Quest Task Trophy On The Run-icon Earn 2 Trophies in On The Run Scene
Return to the of the unfortunate Rex's demise.
Quest Task Place Regina's Diner-icon Place Regina's Diner
Find Regina's Diner under the Buildings tab in the Marketplace.
Quest Task Secret Package-icon Hide 4 Secret Packages on Friends' Estates
Visit friends' estates and hide secret packages for them to find.


Share A Secret Past-feed
—Image © Zynga
Unscramble the secret Word: BEHURRMGA
"Player" completed A Secret Past - Part Two: 4 of 8 in HIDDEN CHRONICLES. Puzzle hint: A typical diner dish. Show your puzzle-solving cleverness by putting the answer in the comment!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins


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