A Daring Heist
Scene A Daring Heist-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Category Episode
Type A Secret Past
Artifact Cameo Necklace
Total Objects 71
Objects per play 10
Energy needed 9 Energy-icon
Unlocked by
Other Source A Secret Past-Part One 6 of 9
Limited Time
Start date 03/17/2012
End date TBA

A Daring Heist is one of the possible Scenes in A Secret Past it was released at March 16th, 2012.

Trophy Table

Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Points needed


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—Image © Zynga
"Player" has unlocked a new scene: A Daring Heist!
"Player" is caught in the middle of a bank robbery in the daring 1930s. Play the A Secret Past quests in HIDDEN CHRONICLES and join in to solve the mystery!
Share Bonus: Clue

Screenshot & Object Map

Screenshot Object Map
Scene A Daring Heist-Screenshot Scene A Daring Heist-Map
view screenshot fullsize view object map fullsize

Objects To Find

Name Icon
Flask HO AdHeist Flask-icon
German Shepherd HO AdHeist German Shepherd-icon
Shotgun HO AdHeist Shotgun-icon
Lollipop HO AdHeist Lollipop-icon
Glasses HO AdHeist Glasses-icon
Fountain Pen HO AdHeist Fountain Pen-icon
Pencil HO AdHeist Pencil-icon
Wanted Poster HO AdHeist Wanted Poster-icon
Alarm Clock HO AdHeist Alarm Clock-icon
Coat Stand HO AdHeist Coat Stand-icon
Coffee Mug HO AdHeist Coffee Mug-icon
Desk Fan HO AdHeist Desk Fan-icon
Chandelier HO AdHeist Chandelier-icon
Tote Purse HO AdHeist Tote Purse-icon
Gun Holster HO AdHeist Gun Holder-icon
Desk Lamp HO AdHeist Desk Lamp-icon
Deposit Slip HO AdHeist Deposit Slip-icon
Standing Fan HO AdHeist Standing Fan-icon
Dollar Sign HO AdHeist Dollar Sign-icon
Piano Pedals HO AdHeist Piano Pedals-icon
Typewriter HO AdHeist Typewriter-icon
Fedora HO AdHeist Fedora-icon
Leather Glove HO AdHeist Leather Glove-icon
Clock HO AdHeist Clock-icon
Handcuffs HO AdHeist Handcuffs-icon
Gas Lamp HO AdHeist Gas Lamp-icon
Coin Purse HO AdHeist Coin Purse-icon
Rope HO AdHeist Rope-icon
Metal Bars HO AdHeist Metal Bars-icon
Loose Change HO AdHeist Loose Change-icon
Scale HO AdHeist Scale-icon
Deed HO AdHeist Deed-icon
Barricade HO AdHeist Barricade-icon
Ball And Chain HO AdHeist Ball And Chain-icon
Billy Club HO AdHeist Billy Club-icon
Briefcase HO AdHeist Briefcase-icon
Bullet Casings HO AdHeist Bullet Casings-icon
Cash Register HO AdHeist Cash Register-icon
Cigarette HO AdHeist Cigarette-icon
Coffee Service HO AdHeist Coffee Service-icon
Crack HO AdHeist Crack-icon
Desk Pen HO AdHeist Desk Pen-icon
Dust Brush HO AdHeist Dust Brush-icon
Emptied Deposit HO AdHeist Emptied Deposit-icon
Fox HO AdHeist Fox-icon
Hand Fan HO AdHeist Hand Fan-icon
Knife HO AdHeist Knife-icon
Mail Bag HO AdHeist Mail Bag-icon
Model Car HO AdHeist Model Car-icon
Mouse Hole HO AdHeist Mouse Hole-icon
Newspaper HO AdHeist Newspaper-icon
Numberic Combination HO AdHeist Numberic Combination-icon
Padlock HO AdHeist Padlock-icon
Pigeon HO AdHeist Pigeon-icon
Pile Of Cash HO AdHeist Pile Of Cash-icon
Police Hat HO AdHeist Police Hat-icon
Ream Of Paper HO AdHeist Ream Of Paper-icon
Security Button HO AdHeist Security Button-icon
Shoe HO AdHeist Shoe-icon
Smoking Gun HO AdHeist Smoking Gun-icon
Soup Can HO AdHeist Soup Can-icon
Spilled Coffee HO AdHeist Spilled Coffee-icon
Stamp HO AdHeist Stamp-icon
Telephone HO AdHeist Telephone-icon
Telescope HO AdHeist Telescope-icon
Toppled Chair HO AdHeist Toppled Chair-icon
Torn Cloth HO AdHeist Torn Cloth-icon
Wallet HO AdHeist Wallet-icon
Watch HO AdHeist Watch-icon
Streaks HO AdHeist Streaks-icon
? HO AdHeist Silver Key-icon


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