A Basket Case-Part Two 5
Quest A Basket Case-Part Two 5-icon
—Image © Zynga
Vital statistics
Questline A Basket Case-Part Two
Start NPC Isabelle
Level 5
Time specification
Starts on 04/07/2012
Ends on TBA
Rewards 210EstateCoins-icon, 50XP-icon
Previous Next
A Basket Case-Part Two 4

A Basket Case-Part Two 5 is a Quest in Hidden Chronicles and part of the Spring 2012 Event.


Quest Task Find Gingerbread Porch-icon Play Gingerbread Porch scene
Explore the next scene in the history of the wicker basket. You can also find it in the Featured Tab of the Manor's scene selector.
Quest Task Coins-icon
Collect 4000 Coins
Play scenes or visit friends to earn coins.
Quest Task Trophy Gingerbread Porch-icon Earn 2 Trophies on Gingerbread Porch
Increase your Guardian ability by revisiting scenes.


Share A Basket Case-feed
—Image © Zynga
Unscramble the secret Word: TICNIVARO
"Player" completed A Basket Case - Part Two: 5 of 5 in HIDDEN CHRONICLES! Join them in solving the mystery of the old wicker basket. Puzzle hint: "Gingerbread" is from what architectural style? Put your answer in the comment!
Share Bonus: Estate Coins


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